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Eating like a vegan for three days won’t be too hard right? everything tastes delish but the sugar withdrawal has definitely left me a little testy! tomorrow might be a little interesting but worth it to get myself set up for success! so many exciting things happening! #veganforaday #vacayprobs

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My super sweet hubby got me two dozen gorgeous 🌹 to say thank you for earning our fabulous vacay and to say how proud he was of me for completing my 80 day challenge. they were supposed to arrive the monday before we left but the florist s*****d up and they arrived thursday after we left! still beautiful for me to enjoy a week later though! #freshcutflowers #marriedtomybestfriend

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6,205 days, 148920 hours, 8935200 minutes! “before you can break out of prison, you must realize you are locked up.” #onedayatatime #onehouratatime #onemintuteatatime #askforhelp #ificanyoucantoo #youneverknowwhoneedshelp

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Yoga time! wasn’t sure i could do bow pose so i had to snap a picture. love that shavasana (no clue how you spell that lol) means “death to the old” and gives you a chance to give up on all the junk you are carrying around!

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First cut supervisor in my first 3 months in the business! i am loving owning my own business! so empowering! #ificanyoucantoo #herbaliferesults #activesupervisor #nextstep #loseweightfeelgreat #extraincome

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Yes .. i made edible brownies!! not burnt ! and looked like the real deal ! want to know the secret ingredient? check our my ig story .
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#repost @julieaaen with @get_repost
form billeder er fandme en god ting! de to øverste billeder vejer jeg knap 80kg- min vægt til morgen hed 55kg. kylling, ris og grønnebønner - er the shit! h*v f*t i @reneocph (@teamaestheticsbyrene ) for at få hjælp til dit vægttab. manden ved hvad han laver, der er jo en grund til alle os tøser i hans team er så glade for ham 💪🏼🤩🏆#teamaestheticsbyrene #fitnessmotivation #inspiration #ificanyoucantoo #weightloss #healthyfood #skinny #bikiniathelte #nc19 #girlswholift #progress #fitnessworlddk

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Form billeder er fandme en god ting! de to øverste billeder vejer jeg knap 80kg- min vægt til morgen hed 55kg. kylling, ris og grønnebønner - er the shit! h*v f*t i @reneocph (@teamaestheticsbyrene ) for at få hjælp til dit vægttab. manden ved hvad han laver, der er jo en grund til alle os tøser i hans team er så glade for ham 💪🏼🤩🏆#teamaestheticsbyrene #fitnessmotivation #inspiration #ificanyoucantoo #weightloss #healthyfood #skinny #bikiniathelte #nc19 #girlswholift #progress #fitnessworlddk

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Everything we make is still marked, cut and created by hand - i love using tailors chalk where possible. it feels nice to work with and i enjoy sharpening the edge to get it just right. what do you love to use when marking out your creative projects?
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Day 30 today!!! last day of the challenge!
i have this feeling of accomplishment and it feels awesome! it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine...i felt like quitting more than once...but all of the love and support i received from all of you made it all worthwhile.
am i a brand new person, completely transformed? umm no...that takes time...but i would like to share a few victories...😊
•••able to zip up this old dress all the way! the last time i wore this dress was in my 20’s 😬. yes, i’ve kept this dress in my closet collecting dust for 20+ years 😜. would love to show you the monthly pics trying on this dress since nov 2017...but sorry i can’t...because i could only zip it up to my belly button...and this is a pg post🤣). it’s still very tight and can’t sit in it yet but that will come in time. i was 120-130lbs back then.
•••hit a deadlift pr on day 26. 154lbs! i’m so over the moon about this!! i feel stronger too!
•••scale...1.5 pounds down. cw: 174lbs
•••overall feeling of wellbeing (out of the rut i was in before starting the challenge)
tracking calories/3 workouts per week has become part of my daily routine now, so will continue on with this😊.
i would like to do another 30 day challenge. it’s a great way to try something new. i will post about it tomorrow.
you guys are amazing and i’m so grateful for your support ❤️. love you all!
thank you @syattfitness, 🤗you inspired my challenge and many more challenges to come!

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Elijah & i are getting our healthiest meal of the day in! he loves daily sunshine & asks for it every day!

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I help moms stay home with their babies.
i help people get healthy and feel better than they have in years.
i help people who thought there was no hope, find hope.
i help people sleep better than ever.

i help people with gut issues find relief.

i help people reach goals they never thought they'd reach.

i help people believe in themselves.

i help people get their lives back.

i help people kick their soda and sugar habits.
i help people make better choices.

i help people see a different way.

i help people and i love it ❤️.

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When i started my fitness journey i sat down and wrote what my initial goals were. among them was a certain weight i wanted to weigh. and a very generic “feel comfortable in a bathing suit” this past week i was at a resort with hundreds of other health and fitness coaches the majority much smaller and fitter than i but i noticed something very poignant. many of the “oh man i’d k**l to look like that” girls i saw seemed to act more insecure than i was. and also i used to dread bathing suit season and any and all activities involving water i just plain hated to be seen in a suit, but this week even though i had every reason to still feel that way, even though i feel like i’m light years from that silly weight goal i once thought was important, i felt strong, healthy, confident and not even a little insecure in my swimsuits (i even got compliments each day from other ladies by the pool!) goal: feel comfortable in a bathing suit ✅
take that #transformationtuesday

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Time for a little transformation tuesday! 😬

summer is coming up super quick and i couldn’t be more proud of myself! ☺️
left was november 2017
right was just this last week •

time to keep pushing and getting more results!🤗
are you ready for summer?😃

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And we are off! #bigtimberretreat time 👙🌤
one of the greatest things about this business is that we get rewarded for simply helping people 🙏🏼
— stay tuned on my igstories for all the behind the scenes!
#ificanyoucantoo #bossladiesmindset

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Rise and grind! you will be seeing a lot of my #bounceback this week! ready to replace mojitos with water and chips and guacamole with vegetables!!! being away and splurging and indulging feels fabulous momentarily but nothing feels better than feeling good and strong and healthy! am i right?

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“do not be afraid to go slow. be afraid of not going” .
i just ran my fastest 10k with nike⁠ run club. 🏃🏽‍♀️🎊🎉💃🏽🤓💪🏽 2:84 faster than last month!!
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