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Summer haze 🌾🐚

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When taking photos with animals it’s always interesting.. you shoulda seen us behind the camera haha. i filled a water bottle full of rocks and was shaking it, trying to get the horses ears forward while shooting with the other hand, making bizarre noises lol. gotta do what ya gotta do to get the shot am i right?! haha seriously such a fun shoot ✨also, it’s this pretty girls birthday today, so show her some love 🖤

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Up up & away 🎈
spent the last two mornings at the spirit of boise balloon festival with the best people! it was so amazing!! can’t get over all the hot air balloons that fill the sky during sunrise! i’ve been wanting to experience this for so long and couldn’t wait to cross it off my list! ✨

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An evening filled with nothing but love and closeness ✨ i seriously can’t stop staring at this one, these two are just 😍

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I’ll take mountain lovers forever please!i 🖤

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Feeling insanely grateful for all of my brides this year. i’m seriously convinced i have the best batch of brides out there 😭💕

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Friday’s got us in a wanderlust type of mood. 😍
pc: @rhodes10_ 📸

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A summer i’ll always remember with people i’ll never forget 💛

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