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Floor seats sitting with the players and celebs/ i'm just another street cat that made it happen and i'll do it again... lord willin' #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #l2h πŸ“Έ by @aim.os

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Does your jeweler own his own jewelry???? my personal collection can't be bought no matter what πŸ˜‰ #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #6carat #cushioncut

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All about details... not bad for an ex drug dealer that's been a jeweler since 2015 huh?!?! why you think i go so hard, cause it's this or back behind them bars boi. i'm the newest out here just imagine how i'll be in 2020, unfuckwitable!!! thank you! #billythepuppet #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream @6ix9ine_ new video #billy is out now go watch it!!!

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Made so much off lil pump i bought another wraith & tricked the rest w/ @713djeric oh well until next time but tonight we in charlotte,nc for #ciaa come witness the #l2hexperience #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #l2h

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From dope to diamonds, until i die ima stay grindin... #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #billythepuppet #saw #jigsaw #doneright #teamdoneright

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Last time i was on the news it was a top story in beaumont, tx for mdma now i'm on #foxnews for doing something right... a lot of things have changed and the only answer i have as to how or why i got here is cause of god. i stayed in my lane and kept puttin in work. never hated on the next man doing better than me or tried to be better than anyone but the old me. i stayed true to myself and that's all i can really say. my time ain't even now like i've said before give me couple more years you'll really see me then. i'm just another dude from the streets that took an opportunity and ran with it but same time playing my position and doing what i do. let me remind you it's only the second month of the year 😬 thank to all my supporters, lovers especially the ones that seen me grow before the jewelry and all. & much love to my dickriders cause y'all need the most love taking time out your day to go in my page and write the r******d ineligible comments and just to get blocked. keep watching cause ima keep going hard this #doneright s**t won't ever die!!! thanks again to @isiahcareyfox26 for having me on the news. it was worth every dollar i paid him.... thanks to @iceman_nick my partner and other half of #teamdoneright for seeing it in me before i saw it in myself. i love you bro & of course my family that's never judged me and always looked at me as the best at everything without y'all i'd be dead or in federal prison. stay tuned guys the whole world gon get #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #l2h #projectassset #live2hustle #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #fatboythatwasreallyworkinginthetrapboy

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Since i can remember texas jewelers always were hated on cause they said we do bad quality work. what people didn't realize was it wasn't that they did bad work it was they were dealing with low budgets. people would come in wanting a g unit spinning piece that cost 50 or more but wanna spend 20 or less. so being for the consumers they would make the piece as best as they could for the budget they were given. the reason i bring this up is because when i decided to become a jeweler i promised myself i would beat the statistic and prove the world wrong. that texas/ southern jewelers could do good, quality and creative work. from my standard quality diamond to my honesty of diamonds i used i came in the industry not working with budgets but showing people what quality work was so they can understand you get what you pay for. i learn more and more each day as jeweler but more importantly as an artist. as time goes i will only get better but i just wanna say that this project wasn't just about me... this w is for all southern jewelers out there. i say that because we can make the same or better jewelry as anyone else but some choose to just take the easy way out. this is for the world to see that anything can be done especially with #teamdoneright and you ain't gotta pay the r******d price as the rest of them. rip to all you haters the game is over ima earn my respect god bless #doneright #thestreetsjeweler #billythepuppet #jigsaw #saw #iamastreetdream

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Our friend's vehicle looking good re-wrapped. her name is, marilyn!
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i want y'all to tag all social media outlets you think should post my baby marilyn... all white everything #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #l2h #live2hustle

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@jimmyxboi - i want y'all to tag all social media outlets you think should post my baby marilyn... all white everything #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #l2h #live2hustle🦈#s🌍a🌍u🌍c🌍e the #sharkinbaywater #🦈 subscribe to #realsauceworld on youtube -

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Ain't no pressure when you really live it... god doesn't keep us alive for no reason so if you still alive today then god has a plan for you. this #l2h s**t isn't about money, it's about living by the code, striving everyday, not settling for less & pushing forward each and everyday that you're alive. family is the number 1 thing on this earth and if you not taking care of yours you don't exist. these my brothers, each one of them earned what they got themselves without me or anyone help. we family cause we truly care for each other & lover one another. we don't gotta benefit from each other to be family. we gain knowledge and reassurance that there is still real hustlers that share the same vision and that's to succeed and take care of our future. all from different walks of life & different hustles but we share the same laws. we not smiling cause we rich we smiling cause we know we got each others back, straight like that. rich or broke they still my bros... this ain't all of us so to my other brothers not in this pic i love and salute y'all. and to all the people that #live2hustle out there i salute you too!!! keep pushing and don't let these clown a*s fake love bustaz change your morals and principles. stick to your code and you'll rise above all too. #l2hexperience #unstoppable #regardless #iamastreetdream #projectassset #lastofagrindinbreed

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Just finished this grill for the homie @seqobilly wanna thank everyone in nyc that's f*****g with me & #teamdoneright f**k all the hatin s**t i let my work do the talking god bless to my lovers and haters keep seeing me grow cause i ain't stopping i love you #doneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream

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I realized at an early age i can't stop the haters, so i just keep giving them more reasons to hate... & for the lovers out there i just wanna motivate and inspire y'all cause my f*t a*s was able to turn a negative into a positive that means anyone can!!! only you can stop yourself... enjoy the visual #l2h #live2hustle #thestreetsjeweler #doneright #teamdoneright #iamastreetdream #nofacenocase you can find the shirt on my website link in bio!!!

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I let my work do the talking... enjoy the slide of a few pieces i've created myself. i'm just blessed to be able to use my creativity and put in work to execute these pieces of art cause end of the day that's what this is. shout out to all the real jewelers really pushing the envelope and making beautiful s**t my time hasn't come yet i feel i got couple more years but until then ima still keep dropping heat, stay tuned!!! #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #qualityoverbudget

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Bought a wraith cause i always wanted 1 & when you make it from that #alief you the chosen 1... πŸ“·; @slimmtimmm #madeinalief #iamastreetdream #projectassset #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #l2h #live2hustle

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Dudes be trying so hard to prove themselves they end up proving how lame they is... i'm just over here rocking my baby to sleep 🀷🏻‍β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»‍♂️enjoy the entertainment it's just social media πŸ˜‚ #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #stillgotmoneyfrom2001 #formotivationaluseonly

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2018 i will be going on to my 4th year as a jeweler with no experience besides being a customer... it'll be at least another 3-5 more years before i even get into my prime so i just wanna say being compared to or being in the same sentences as these jewelers is a honor. im just an ex dboy that turned his s**t legit doing what he love not in people's dms trying to hate & steal customers or doing no marketing or paid promo beside my grind and hard work. my love for this s**t will keep gettin stronger and ima be in this game for a lot longer so stay tuned. appreciate everyone that's been supportive from the streets to even some of the jewelers i salute y'all. but enough of the talking let's get back to the jewelry f**k the foolery it's #teamdoneright til i'm dead if you ain't wit it ima run you clowns over #doneright #thestreetsjeweler #findacloudboy #findacloud #iamastreetdream #l2h

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i didn't get my name cause the streets f**k with me... i'm #thestreetsjeweler cause i earned my reputation in these streets. i really put in work in them streets and got some to show from it. the street cats don't gotta f**k with me on this jewelry s**t cause most y'all really ain't got it like y'all claim anyways. the others that don't all good i still respect what they stand for and the few that do f**k with me i respect cause they a man of their word and end of the day that's all we got. you can spend a dollar or a mill with me if you show me respect ima make sure you taken care of regardless. you ain't gotta impress me cause can't s**t impress me. you bitter b*****s wouldn't last a day in my shoes back then y'all woulda s**t y'all pants and committed suicide. so know what i stand for and the reasons i do what i do is why i'm #thestreetsjeweler not cause i'm out here trying to be cool, f**k that i'm tryna make sure my kids never gotta live the life i lived. salute to all the real hustlers out there keep grinding #doneright #teamdoneright #iamastreetdream #l2h

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@regranned from @jimmyxboi - they hate cause i make this s**t look too easy... f**k em!!! yall wasn't there when i had to share a jumbo jack between 3 people or live in them cockroach infested motels. yall wasn't there when the judge told me to sign for 20 years cause if i didn't i would face 25+ at the age of 17. yall wasn't there when i watched my pops get shot and laid there bleeding taking ambulance hour to come. yall couldn't live a minute in my shoes that's why i stunt like i do so i can show them hustlers that there's more then what you think is out here. im living proof!!! f**k the statistics and f**k everyone that told you you can't do some. go out there and do it!!! no sponsors no co sign i put in my work and ima keep puttin in work til i die!!! i built this s**t and its gon last forever cause the hustle dont stop that's why we #live2hustle #thehustlerschoice #l2h #iamastreetdream #thestreetsjeweler #teamdoneright #l2hwayoflife#s🌍a🌍u🌍c🌍e the #sharkinbaywater - #regrann

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#truth #repost @jimmyxboi (@get_repost )
money can't buy you happiness... but it sure as hell dont make you sad #l2h #live2hustle #iamastreetdream

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