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When she's not wearing her legal robes, there's one color international human rights lawyer amal clooney returns to time and time again: red. in honor of her 41st birthday, swipe to see her rocking the power color. 💥

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Ever since i was 4 years old i've had the desire to become an attorney. back then my initial interest stemmed from a television show i had seen. however, later in life, i saw that interest begin to evolve into an opportunity to help those in need. after studying genocide during my undergraduate studies, my goal in law school was to become a human rights lawyer. i was the first person in my family to complete college and while this was a huge accomplishment, i was quite nervous about how i would actually attain and pay for this degree. i remember graduating in 2009, from law school with over $150,000 in student debt. this was also when the economy collapsed and i found myself begin to struggle with the idea that perhaps i had made a huge mistake. but that seed of doubt combined with deteriorating economy also turned out to be the biggest reason why i pushed through and decided i couldn't let myself fail. that was when i partnered up with my best friend, wes farrell, to work on any and all cases that came through the door. there was a long period of time where we would make less than $800 a month, barely enough to cover the interest on our student loans. however, we did not give up. we decided to keep fighting day and night until we landed arguably the largest class action law suit in american history, the bp oil spill case in 2010. i remember the feeling of going from just the two of us in one tiny room to over 50 people in four national offices within a couple of years. we were only 26 and 27 years of age with everything in the world to prove. although i was not able to fulfill my dream of becoming a human rights attorney, i have dedicated over 1500 hours to help dealing with children and violence against women's causes. becoming a lawyer has been a life long ambition and still to this day it is something i am extremely humbled by. i have had the opportunity to represent thousands of people in cases i truly believed in. my law firm (farrell, patel, jomarron & lopez) currently has offices in miami, tampa, houston and puerto rico. our goal is to make sure we provide quality legal service to those that need it the most.
ricky patel, esq.
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It was a great honor to be member of the first team from albania that made it to the final round of the moot court and it was so exciting to speak before a court for the first time. what made it even more special was that this court was the european court of human rights!
19 teams out of 101 made it to this final! thankful for this experience. 🇦🇱🇪🇺
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Iranian defense attorney nasrin sotoudeh told her husband she has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes. her statement follows media reports quoting the hardline judge overseeing her case who said she has been sentenced to seven years in prison. “sotoudeh has been sentenced in a kafkaesque trial severely lacking in international standards of due process,” said hadi ghaemi, executive director of the center for human rights in iran. “first they went after the journalists, activists and dissidents. now they’re going after their only line of defense.”⠀

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Vi gillar teamwork på vår byrå! denna vecka jobbar några av våra jurister med våra eu projekt sponsrade av eu kommissionen och några jobbar med asyl- och migrationsärenden och ärenden om mänskliga rättigheter. / we love teamwork at our lawfirm! this week some of our lawyers work with our eu projects funded by the european commission and some work with asylum & migration & human rights cases. #juridik #mänskligarättigheter #humanrights #asylum #humanrightslawyer #eu #internationallaw #teamwork

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When i got to law school & said i was interested in human rights law, i didn’t particularly have any clue what that meant. .
and i had a lawyer parent. i think a lot about people who are first gen in their fields and how much more confusion there is about the basics of the career. even though my dad is a lawyer & a successful one, he is still a nigerian lawyer with a base of connections, name recognition and career experiences in a different continent. i navigated my path in my law school mostly alone, only knowing that i wanted to work at the intersection of where laws help people live better lives. that’s always been the thing for me. .
this week there has been a lot of buzz around unpaid internships and their classist nature. my best friends in law school couldn’t afford to do unpaid internships, i did them every semester after my first year because it was the only language my dad & i had in common about the law. he understood that to get a leg up that his name couldn’t give me in my career, he had to support me while i worked for free to gain experiences. that’s not something i will ever take for granted because it’s a privilege. .
being in a profession like law where there are a lot of embedded things meant to keep certain kinds of people out of the game and a huge push to conform has taught me a lot of things. has given me
a lot of stories about ageism, xenophobia, sexism, racism within my career.
all of this has strengthened my commitment to continue to do the work of being at the intersection of laws that help people live better lives. i’ve fought a lot of different fights in my career, worked in a lot of different issue areas, from violence against women to immigrant issues & in my experience no issue is more important than another. .
i am here. i am not going anywhere anytime soon. i am a l a w y e r that works for people who are often left out. my 3 years has already changed a lot of lives, i am proud of it. and as long as i am here, i will continually make sure that laws work for all people, not just an elite few. .

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"the worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other, and this is something we can practice every day, no matter where we are and what we do — women sticking up for other women, choosing to protect and celebrate each other instead of competing or criticizing one another." amal clooney, lebanese-british human rights attorney and activists —————————————————#womenempowerment #womencomingtogether #quoteoftheday #quotesforwomen #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #womenwhoinspire #leagueofinspirationalwomen #instawomen #humanrightslawyer #lawyer #amalclooney #barrister #womenwholeadbyexample #womenwholead #oprah @oprah

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Pro bono-hjälp till ensamkommande barn
sveriges ambassad i washington dc föreslog ett möte mellan oss på asylbyrån och organisationen kind, vilket också blev av i veckan.
kind står för kids in need of defens och grundades för tio år sedan av angelina jolie och microsoft corporation. det är en usa-baserad icke-statlig organisation, som utbildar privata advokater och jurister för att hjälpa ensamkommande minderåriga i amerikanska migrationsförfaranden. nyligen utvidgade kind sitt arbete till england genom kids in need of defense uk i ett samarbete mellan kind och fyra brittiska icke-statliga organisationer, för att förbättra pro bono-hjälp till ensamkommande barn i samarbete med den privata juridiska sektorn. under det gångna året har kind utvecklat ett initiativ för att ytterligare utöka sin modell för gruppen ensamkommande och separerade barn på flykt på andra håll i europa och hoppas kunna lansera detta inom relativt snar framtid. sverige är ett av de länder som kind överväger att starta upp i och det blev ett intressant och konstruktivt möte gällande vilka behov som finns och hur kind konkret skulle kunna göra skillnad för ensamkommande barn i sverige. ett område som inte redan täcks av rättshjälp i sverige är juridisk hjälp till barn som befinner som utan papper i landet, kanske efter en icke rättssäker asylprocess eller på grund av första asyllandsprincipen och dublinförordningen. det kan också gälla barn vars ärenden uttömts av nationella fora och där det kan finnas möjlighet till gehör vid exempelvis europadomstolen eller cat.
vi kommer finnas med i det framtida arbetet med eventuell implementering av kind i sverige och återkommer när vi har närmare information gällande detta viktiga arbete.

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foto: cbs news och cnet.
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Today this maverick, former actress, constant comedian and incredible debater i am lucky to call my sister has become a human rights lawyer specialising in immigration 🙌she has been working tirelessly to defend the rights of refugees to have a dignified life💓how amazing to wake up every morning knowing that you are making the world a little bit better every day🌝i wish everyone knew all the things she went through to make her dream come true. i still remember the day when she used to say “i don’t know if i have what it takes to be a lawyer.” we can certainly all relate to that. high five 🙌 to those who managed to go beyond self doubt to work towards something bigger than themselves. love you lavinia. i am so proud of you!! i know why you get up every morning 🙏🏻😊❤️
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