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Happy world down syndrome day! abortion does discriminate. #letthemlive #takepinkback

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Oooffff lmao
*image description- a meme that shows a woman and 2 kids are in a pool. the woman is holding up one child in the water, having her back turned to the other child, who is clearly not having a great time staying above the water. the woman has the label "pro-lifers" and the child she's holding up is labelled "unborn fetuses". the struggling child behind her is labelled "438,000 children in foster care"*
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The fight to end racism is on all of us. let our diversity be our strength. a world built on tolerance is a world built on peace.

21 march is international day for the elimination of racial discrimination. today’s commemoration is a reminder and a warning sign: nowadays racism still causes widespread damage. from insults and humiliation to hate crimes and massacres, from difficulties gaining access to employment to institutionalized racist practices, racial discrimination takes many forms which are at times dramatically brutal and at others sly and underhand.

racist ideology can only be combated durably with the weapons of the mind. through science, firstly, which reveals the dishonesty of racist thinking and exposes its social, ideological, political and historic mainsprings. through education, secondly, which teaches that no person is worth less than another, and that diversity is an asset which we must respect. through culture, finally, the only means by which we can replace deadly social hierarchy with a world shaped by awareness of belonging to a common humanity.

are you with us? double tap if you agree and help us spread the message. together we must #fightracism and #standup4humanrights!

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Where are the feminists? where are the muslims all over the world? why is the world so quiet ? why is no one speaking against this injustice?
why is everyone so quiet?
the whole world stood up and spoke up against the hijab laws in iran, but why is everyone remaining quiet over france and belgium? is it because they’re european countries, and their crimes and injustice against humanity shall not be exposed?
muslims are being targeted worldwide and no one bats an eye, the hijab ban has been applied since 2004, it’s been 16 years this has been going on and no one bats an eye, i don’t know what this world has came to.
this country who calls itself a country of freedom and equality and fraternity goes against freedom and equality itself, hatred against the dark skin, hatred towards immigrants and different nationalities, hatred towards the muslim community, hatred towards islam and its practice, hatred over other cultures of the third world, yet call itself a country of freedom and equality.
there is no justice in this country : la justice est morte.

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They are no less of a person because they have down syndrome. #letthemlive #takepinkback

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