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"dozens of men die every year in bangladesh as they dive into putrid drains to clear blockages with their bare hands," the photojournalist fabeha monir (@fabeha.anahita ) writes. " as an excluded community, [the dalit, considered members of the lowest caste] continue to work in some of the most menial and low paid dangerous jobs in the country, such as cleaning toilets, sweeping streets, and emptying the septic tanks of others. girls and women from dalit communities in bangladesh often fall victim to prostitution and trafficking of bonded labour. they are frequently prevented from entering the homes of non-dalits and are often met with discrimination when trying to bury members of their family at public graveyards. this sort of ongoing discrimination has taken a toll on more than 6.5 million dalits in bangladesh."
guljar (50) told her, ‘thirty five years, almost every day i am doing this. when first time i was helping my father, and dive into filth, i was nervous. nothing has changed since then. i am nervous every time i start my work. this is a service. if i cannot do it good, people will suffer. and i don’t want anyone to suffer. that doesn’t mean i stay okay. i often fell sick. i have been through serious diseases. doctor adviced me to stay dry and clean, which is impossible for the kind of work i do. all my earning went on my daughters marriage, four of them are living happy life. now i only worry for my son who reads in class five. my father died when i was twelve and he was a young man. i don’t want my son to face a life like me. i want to be alive for him.'
more at @fabeha.anahita .

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The gang of four - 四人帮

even though bama is known for the huge number of centenarians living there, and for longevity in general, there are still plenty of kids.

in each small village i visited i quickly picked up an entourage. i always remember to bring along some taffy candy when i travel and these four boys had cleaned me out. they never left my side during a three hour village to bamai village. the boy in the middle was their de facto leader - and chattered incessantly.

bamai village was the home to 127 year old luo meizhen... purported to be the oldest living person - ever. there’s a photo of her earlier in my photo stream.

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In ethiopia, hidden in the forests of the kibish area, lives a wonderful people, the people of the suri. the girls of the suri ethnic group are used to embellishing themselves by practicing body painting on each other, using only natural pigments made from the plants available to them, and they have a great imagination in making so many different designs for their face.

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