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Things do really flow into your life for a reason: learn, explore and enjoy the reasons. if you try to control the force of nature, you will only be left behind

#trust #keepyourheartopen #keepyoureyesopen #bliss #happiness

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One step in spring the next in winter, hiking in rosenlauital ⛰

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Hump day feels😅 #savannahsomewherewithluna

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Lake hangouts with my favorite pup 🐶(please don’t tell my dog i said that🐕)
who’s your favorite adventure buddy?

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Here’s my version of a #treeselfie walking among the redwoods 🌲🚶🌲 with tripod and timer of course. redwoods are easily my favorite trees. they’re the tallest trees on earth, and epic beyond belief. it’s important to remember that we need to keep places like this protected while still understanding how we can improve our paper and packaging use in a sustainable world. in 2017 approximately 65.8% of paper was recovered for recycling in the united states, which is incredible and will continue to improve as time passes
join @howlifeunfolds and myself as we celebrate arbor day by posting your version of a #treeselfie either with your favorite trees or planting new ones between now and arbor day🌲 arbor day is friday, april 26th #ad

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This past weekend in utah i got to combine “work” with adventure. i photographed and learned more about this incredible couple as we hiked through a canyon of gorgeous orange and red walls, and surprises around every corner (like this mini waterfall). i feel so lucky to have these opportunities ☺️

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↟↟↟ Не один год потребовался для реализации этой идеи.... представляю вашему вниманию Усьва #временагода А вам какое фото по вкусу?

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