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♡you were born to do more than pay bills and die. follow your dreams♡

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hiiiii amazing butterflies,

how are you? i hope you're doing well and feeling well. i hope you feel loved, important, happy and healthy. you are loved and you are important! believe me with this :) and when you need to talk/rant, you can always message me. i'm here for you❤🦋
i am doing very well. i had a day off today, but i still worked for school :)

i think it is pretty much spread around by now about the fact ashton wants to go back to school and study psychology. i am very happy about that, because not only i am a psychology student, i also love it how he wants to be more educated. i have so much respect for him and i think he should do whatever he wants to do. i am proud of him and i will keep supporting him. what do you think about this?

reminder: you probably has something you really want to do and/or achieve. people around may not really agree with you, but that doesn't mean you shouldnt do it. dreams are there to be become true and to be made true. follow your dreams as life is shorter than you think. not following your dreams might pressure you and might give you stress. sometimes you have to lock a door to unlock another door which will bring you lots more happiness. you gotta do what makes you happy. you gotta believe in yourself and in your dreams. you gotta follow you dreams. you will succeed❤

qotd: what is your dream?
aotd: i really want to become a psychologist, but more importantly i want to be completely happy with myself and life❤

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i love you,

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Dammit i wanna cry cause of this

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Lil blurry baby 🌟 new post on @1975boys 🤩☁️

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{calum has a huge crush on you and just found out you like him back} calum is so cute in the gif these pics are from 💓💓

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Please swipe!! just another reminder 💓

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If you have a bad day, watch this video! 😃
jujur gue senyum2 sendiri ngeliat video ini, gatau kenapa 😂🙈 mood booster banget pokoknya mah.. 😍

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Am honestly hating college, ain't even the actual just thing just the mad a*s f*****g breaks 😒😒😒

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I have tedy bear.. and the name is calum 😂. so before i sleep i have to hug calum or kiss calum's cheek 😂😂. such a fangirl right? 😂 #lukeroberthemmings #calumthomashood #ashtonfletcherirwin #michaelgordonclifford #lukehemmings #calumhood #ashtonirwin #michaelclifford #youngblood #fangirl #sgfg #slfl #5sos #5secondofsummer #hemmings #clifford #hood #irwin

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I’m craving cookie dough so bad

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Goodnight lovelies 💫💫💫

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