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I haven’t had full-shell moulds in years! welcome back to the club i guess. embracing my deafness even more. now to colour those tubes... #oticon #hearingaids

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Ennen tuunasin paljonkin mun kojeita, nyt en oo tehny sitä pitkästä aikaa ja ryhdyinkin sitten tuumasta toimeen ja tadaa siinä ne nyt on. #kuulokojeet #tuunaus #hearingaids

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Tomorrow i'm taking part in a flash mob!!!
i'll be signing 'this is me' with hundreds of other people. the reason we are doing it is to campaign for bsl to be available in all british schools as a gcse.
most deaf children can't achieve a full english gcse as they can't take part in the linguistic side of the qualification. but if bsl was a gcse this would be amazing because that is their first language (also it encourages people to learn bsl - irs a beautiful expressive language)
all british schools teach a foreign language or two (i learnt japanese at school)... this is crackers; as you're more likely to meet someone who is deaf or nonverbal, and need to communicate with them, on a daily basis than someone who is french, german, spanish or japanese!
if people knew how to sign 'thank you' or 'how are you' it would make the world of difference to someone who uses bsl.
have a go at signing this song!
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What's most important to you when choosing a hearing aid? design? discretion? convenience? performance? #styletto offers all these characteristics - and more. (link in bio or swipe up in our story)
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She loves me... i promise. i can’t help but squish her. ❤️

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Can you accept yourself exactly as you are? just for one breath span?👂👂👂i always thought i had deafening silence when my hearing aids aren't in my ears.
but then i realized: i've never experienced silence.
i have tinnitus- a ringing, a whirling, a whooshing & hush sound in my head all the time. it's never quiet. i never do not hear it. it's maddening. yes, sometimes it makes me want to cry. when it's been at it's worst, during my dark depression, i wanted to die.
so- to me- that's silence. 👂
i forget that's not other people's silence. 👂
what is silence? what does it sound like? feel like?
my epiphany is not that i lied when i said it's deafening silence without my hearing aids, it's that i've always thought that's what silence was.
that hum i always have in my head.
so if silence is different for me than it is for you- what else is different?
what else am i so sure of? what else am i positive is the way it is?
how did i not realize this before? all this time i took for granted was silence meant when i've never truly experienced it. or maybe that is my silence? who is to say? isn't it astounding how we never know what someone else's experience is? not fully, anyway.
makes me think about how when you are in love & then years later, when you're no longer in the relationship, you say, " i wasn't really in love," but at the time it sure as heck felt like it.
how do we ever know what's for certain?
we don't, i guess.
my quiet isn't.
but it's the only one i know.
it's fascinating what we get used to, what we call ours, what we name in the name of things. 👂👂
thanks @alexandrawrote for drawing up my words. tell me an epiphany you’ve had below and get @eliseballard book #epiphany as it changed my life! can’t wait to read yours. also tell me where in the world you are?! tag anyone i need to meet!! and let me know if today you can accept you as you are. write “i accept.” i dare you. #epiphany #deaf #onbeinghuman #hearingaids #tinnitus

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Swipe to see different views of this braided ponytail style on baylee ☺️
this style was inspired by @hairtodream 🙌🏻
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End of my 2 week trial and this little fella is definitely h-ear to stay 👂🏻 hearing loss in my 20’s wasn’t exactly a part of the life plan but it’s something i’m adjusting to and is now my new normal. i’m actually pretty proud of this wee thing and it’s crazy how invisible it is, and while i’m still learning with it it’s doing nothing but good things 🕺🏼💜🕺🏼💜🕺🏼💜
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