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Hi friends!👋amber here. i just wanted to remind you that you are worthy of health, and the path to great health may be easier than you think.🤔
for just a moment imagine that you are your healthiest self. what types of foods would you feed your healthy body? what type of exercise would you do to move your body? would you drink plenty of water? would you get an adequate amount of sleep to stay well-rested and to reduce stress?
begin to live today as if you are already that person - your healthiest self, and watch as you become your healthiest self over time.🤩
in our inner circle we are helping women from all walks of life see what god has for them in regards to their health. through a visualization exercise, they can begin to imagine and see their healthiest self. this process is powerful and leads to transformation. if you want greater health in this season and are looking to holistically transform your life, consider joining us. we'd love to walk this path with you!💕
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Workouts for the week are all set. if i don’t schedule them ahead & write them down into my calendar then it won’t get done. working out is as much part of my week as any meetings or events i have going on. how do you stay committed to your workouts?? let me know 💪🏽👏🏽💪🏽 #healthiestself

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Wyatt’s reaction when i told him winter is coming ❄️❄️❄️ #healthiestself #mommasboy💙

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Dinner is served & you better believe i’ll be cleaning this plate 😝😝😝 #healthiestself #weekend

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So easy to beat my sweet cravings with fresh fruit, almond butter & some crunchy granola 😋 if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet you’re missing out! a recipe like this oil free granola was in the newsletter last week & this weeks recipe is even more drool worthy 😝😝 link in bio to sign up! #healthiestself

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Get happier at work!:
1. acknowledge a job well done
2. rock star attitude
3. help others
4. reward every win
5. keep a "done" list visible

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🔸transformation tuesday🔸on the left, me now, 30 years old & on the right, me 23 years old. 🔸
this transformation is not like most where i’ve lost a ton of weight. yes, i’ve visibly toned up but both of those pictures are a healthy weight. the transformation you don’t see is what was going on in my mind.
23 years old, living at home with my parents, not getting accepted into pa school (twice) and really not knowing what to do with my life. 🔸
it took me witnessing my grandmas health very quickly declining to open up my eyes to what’s beyond medicine. i started to take a real look at what i was eating and made changes immediately.
when i changed what i was eating, this encouraged me to change other areas of my life. i moved forward with a nutrition program, focused on working out to clear my mind not to burn calories, and placed more importance on the relationships i had, including the one with myself.
fast forward 7 years, i’m not even close to the life i pictured for myself, but this life is so much better! i’ve never felt so motivated, supported and on the right path ever before in my life. health is so much more than what i look like in a picture & it’s taken me many many years to find that. 🔸
i’m a coach, business owner, stay at home mom and many more things i never pictured myself to be.
i wanted to share this to show that no matter where you are in life it’s never too late to become something. when it comes to health it doesn’t have to be an instant decision, but at some point you have to start making changes that will put you down a better road. no matter what you’re doing, always do it with nothing less than everything you’ve got. 🔸 #healthiestself

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Monday motivation is doing the most!! this quote gives me chills & i love it! #healthiestself #mondaymotivation

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Spring into your healthiest self 🌟
i have 2 spaces available for 1:1 private coaching for my 8 week spring into your healthiest self program 🙌
this is for you if you:
👉 are sick and tired of being sick and tired!
👉 you know the quality of your health needs to change but just dont know where to start
👉 you feel overweight, lack energy and have constant negative thoughts that get you down
👉 you really want things to be different so you can finally start living a more confident life 👉 you want to finally feel good in your body and maybe.. just maybe even love what you see when you look into the mirror 😍
my 8 week program will guide you, support you and hold you accountable to take small action steps that move you toward your ideal health goals- without restriction and deprivation!! we create new, enjoyable healthy habits that last 💜💜
contact me for a free discovery session to determine if this is right for you 🙏
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There’s nothing better than setting goals for yourself. yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily—you have to hold yourself accountable in some way. what’s on your goal list for the week?? i went out of the ordinary & created unique goals i’ve never set before, hoping to switch things up & get more productive. what’s your goal sheet look like for the week?? 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 #healthiestself .
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Sometimes it’s the big things, but most of the time it’s a million little things...like these gorgeous trees i mean cmon!!! [& yes i did quote the abc tv show & yes the show makes me emotional & yes i pulled over to take this picture] 🍁🍁🍁#healthiestself

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Are you up for a challenge??! starting monday november 5 our group takes on the challenge to add more plants to your plate. majority of us aren’t meeting the minimum daily requirements for fruit & vegetable intake, let alone whole grains & legumes. over the course of 5 days, you will commit to putting your health first and learning new tips to make whole foods a new part of your routine.
tonight is the final night for signups..link is in bio to sign up! did i mention there will be giveaways from some of the best & my favorites in cleveland?? follow using #healthiestselfchallenge if you have any questions dm me to get on the list 🥑🥦🍐🍏 #healthiestself #healthiestselfchallenge

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Greens, fruits, vegetables, whole grains & water. what food groups make up most of your plate?? each food we eat contains many different components that interact with one another in our bodies. instead of focusing on individual nutrients, we need to focus on the way we eat—our dietary patterns. no matter what lifestyle you lead or what diet you follow one thing should be the focus..to eat whole foods. ❕❕❕there’s still time to sign up for the free 5 day challenge to get more plants on your plate[link in bio]❗️❗️❗️
📸📸: @codyricottone
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Where my #bossbabes at!? 🔥😉if i know you 😁(prob cause i am just like you) 😊.. you are already stressed out over the fact that 2018 is almost over! 🙃........anddddd that you have so much to accomplish before then! and so much to think about for 2019!

take it from someone who used to procrastinate and who used to wish her life away...... dont waste the rest of 2018!

looking for 20 women!!! 20 #women who want to be their #healthiestself 🤗 who want to love their self again 💕 women who have families that they want to set a good example for🧡 women who want to #livelifetothefullest
i am looking for #gogetters 💪🏽i am looking for b***s who have dreams & goals! who are ready to #puttheworkin 👏🏽i’m looking for #babesonamission 🔥

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girls who need the extra push 🙌🏽and the extra support 🙏🏽from a #wellnesscoach like me! 🤗🌟don’t let another minute go by where you are not happy with your current #fitnessandwellness routine 👏🏽! you want change and growth!? 🤔

well then lets get started... just message 💌me your email address 💕📩can’t wait to hear from you ☺️

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Healthy now, candy later 👻👻 first time taking wyatt trick or treating tonight! i’m definitely going to enjoy some of his candy so i wanted to make healthy decisions throughout my day that way i’m not left feeling guilty about the reese cups i eat later! (they are my fave🧡🖤) there are a zillion healthy alternatives out there to all the halloween candy, if that’s what you want. if you want to eat reese cups & watch hocus pocus, that’s fine too🎃
hope you have a happy halloween 🕷👻☠️ #healthiestself

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Awesome news for #halloween! from 7pm to midnight tonight you will save $40!!!!!! with a purchase of a challenge pack through #me!
you've been #watchingme (and thank you for that!) become my #healthiestself through fitness, #propernutrition & my #awesome #accountability group! #rightnow is the #best time for you to become your best self too!
#100%$backguarantee on your first month! guys!!!! this is #huge !
#whatareyouwaitingfor and message me already for details!
7pm to midnight only!
let's get this #holidayseason kicked off with a #hugebang of you losing weight, feeling great, and building up that #confidence!

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