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Our backs tell stories no books have the spine to carry💪🏼

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So thankful to be back in the gym full force since injuring my ankle on #suicidesquadparody. turns out it was a case of achilles tendinitis. i've been taking it easy ever since, but today was the day i didn't hold back and i don't feel any pain! praise god! your prayers & support has this gal back in action! 💪🏻😸 thank you! - - #fitness #gym #health #happiness

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Incision and drainage of cyst! follow ➡️ @academyofsurgeons ⬅️ follow ➡️ @academyofsurgeons ⬅️ 💉💉💉 repost from @drpimplepopper

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Butternut squash and black been enchiladas cooked the “creative way” from our @purplecarrot box - they have been highly requested since the first run. since this topic seems to be very popular lately, i'll cover a few faqs here: 🔹 purple carrot is a plant-based delivery service, so it's a great way for me to gather up and test different dinner options for upcoming lent and all other fasts we try to do our best to observe, since all recipes are vegan or vegetarian. 🔹benefits of plant foods are many, so apart from our religious practice i try to teach the kids that plant food is not just "rabbit" food and dishes can taste delicious 😉 🔹we get creative even within provided recipes: kids asked if we could make lasagna out of enchiladas, so we layered the filling between sheets of tortillas. i was told that the taste was "completely different" even though the recipe stayed the same 😹 but sometimes it's a little change like this that makes a world of difference 😉💖 who has been following along with the #purplecarrotchallenge? what do you think? have you tweaked any recipes to make them yours? curious about your thoughts and if you have any suggestions! #purplecarrotchallenge #plantfood #partner #purplecarrot #food #dinner #familymeal #familytime ////////// Тыквенно-фасольная "лазанья" сегодня - один из полюбившихся "коробочных" рецептов , который мы модифицировали под свой вкус 😉 Рецепт в самом низу, и сразу отвечу на несколько самых часто-задаваемых вопросов, раз эта тема популярна в последнее время :) 🔹Почему "коробочный сервис" растительной пищи, а не обычной: Потому что это самый лёгкий для меня способ попробовать разнообразные овощные блюда и отобрать полюбившиеся на время поста. Мы не идеально , к сожалению, соблюдаем пост, но стараемся, как можем. 🔹Растительная пища очень полезная, а так как мы живём в стране, где практически все и везде хлебно-мясное, это прекрасная возможность ещё и вложить в детей факт, что растительная пища - это не "кроличья еда" ( как тут говорят) , а вкусные и полноценные блюда. 🔹мы креативим, как можем: изначально рецепт говорил делать начинённые роллы из мексиканской кухни, а мы превратили его в "лазанью" и 👇🏻

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Get that a*s to grasss!!! killed today's full body training with my girl's! not going to lie, training has been rough lately because my stamina is not where it should be at the moment. that's what happens when you take a few months off from training, however i'm proud to say that i pulled through today! throughout the workout, i took sips of my @womensbest bcaa drink which tasted so amazinggg. it gave me the energy i needed to make it through all the circuits. make sure to check out the site to get yours hands on some too! 😋💪🏼 #womensbest _ x @womensbest x womensbest.com/shop _ x video cred: @kristinaaasd

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안녕! 오늘의 #주원홈트 는 준비물이 필요하다 쉬먀! 1kg 덤벨 두 개 혹은 물병 두 개! 왕왕 초보 병아리라면 맨손으로 시작 병아리들의 요청이 많은 일자어깨 예쁜어깨 만드는 운동!!! 쇄골라인 어깨라인 예쁘게 만들어서 빛나는 옷태를 만들어보던지말던지 - 영상이 길어서 2.5배속 그러니 3배 천천히 해! - 호흡은 힘이 들어갈 때 내쉰다. 예를들어 팔을 들어 올릴 때 힘을 쓰지? 그때 호흡을 뱉어버린다 쉬먀 - 병아리는 3세트 중급자는 5세트 돌려버려 오예 - 직접 만나서 함께하는 주원홈트 신청은 @joo.won.diet 👈🏻 - 열심히 따라해서 팔뚝살 빼버리고 여리여리 탄탄 어깨라인은 니꺼해라! 오예😎 . . . +사담 어깨운동 올릴 때마다 나오는 걱정이 있는데 바로 승모! 승모 솟아오르는 동작은 없으니까 걱정하지마~ 삼각근 (어깨에 붙어있는 근육) 운동은 승모와 연결되어 있기 때문에 당연히 이런 동작을 하면 승모가 뻐근할 수 밖에 없어😁 절대 솟지 않으니까 걱정마! . 나는 병아리 댓글보고 힐받는거 알쥐 힘 주고 싶으면 오예!!!<< 댓글 달아보던가 #ㅅㄹㅎㄷㅂㅇㄹ

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_ 한달만에 받은 수정본🙈💕 . . . . #바디프로필 #눈바디 #바디체크 #자기관리

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When i started this journey of mine i hadn't a clue to what it is that i wanted. i first weighed in at 167 yup skin and bones people. i just knew i didn't want to be skinny anymore its become much more than that. to be continued... #fitness #health #mindbodysoul #inspiration #motivation

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Tonight, my buddha bowl consisted of • 1/2 cup brown rice 🍚 fermented vegetables (from @aboutlifenm) spinach 1/2 avocado 🥑 cherry tomatoes 🍅 teriyaki tofu (brand: nutrisoy) broccoli 🌳 • benefits of tofu - great source of vegan protein, contains all eight essential amino acids, source of iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin b1. it also contains the minerals manganese (helps absorb vitamins b and e and regulate thyroid gland), selenium (healthy immune and fertility) and phosphorus (maintenance of bones and teeth)! • #amyhazelnutrition #tofu #buddhabowl #fitness #fitspo #vegains #health #dinner #foodie #nutrisoy #cooking #nourishnotpunish #nourishyourbody

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Ma team a la chauuuuuffe !!!! mon sebinooooo c'est 18 kilos en moins, mais c'est surtout un coach super attachant dont je suis fière ✅!!! 👨🏼‍💻je t'ai trouvé en emoji 🤣! #belgianwarriorteam #belgianwarrior

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Heard of the bone broth diet? gywneth paltrow and salma hayek say it keeps them looking young by supplementing their collagen with collagen from the animal bone marrow. the 'elixir' is traditional restaurant demi glacé - stock infused with veg, herbs and spices. readymade batches are now available in the uae - see ahlan! facebook for the full video and ahlan! magazine for the results of our review next month. #ahlan #ahlanmagazine #ahlanhealth #ahlandiets #diets #health #bonebroth #antiageing #beauty #dietfood

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All i can think about... #running . we desperately needed rain in southern #california but it has shut me down and i can't take it anymore. tomorrow evening may be my opportunity to finally get out. everybody out of my way!!! i'm prepared to through elbows like ludacris...move...get out the way. (sanitized version for the kiddos.) ************************************** i #run for #me,  #health , #wellbeing,  #balance,  #confidence , # challenge,  # focus,  #peaceofmind,  #family, #momlife . i run with #determination, #sass , #pincurls , and sometimes #redlipstick # fortysomething

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How did you do that?? #health #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmodel #fitspo  #getfit #fitspiration #fitfam  #workout  #fitnessmotivation #instafit #fitnesslover #fitnessaddict #fitlife #fitstagram #fitnessgirl #fitfreaks #fit💪 #fitnesstrainer #fitnesswomen #absfordays #gymbabe #workoutgirl #workoutdaily

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Tonight's workout accomplished. been a few days since i last worked out and it feels great to sweat it out! whether it's simple or difficult make it worth the time, no one is there to say no but you! #asian #abs #core #dedication #exercise #fitness #green #health #lifestyle #me #motivation #pumped #shred #sweat #workout

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#transformationtuesday 2014 ➡️2017 👏 the difference between me then and me now is so big that i may as well be a different person 💁🏻#instadaily #instafit #fitness #health #motivation

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2 hrs at the gym i was bad. had a great day even though i was tired. super happy though. #day19 #30days #30daychallenge #health #happy #iworkout #gym #honesty #keepgoing

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