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For me, it’s so much more than just a “workout class.” it always has been.
it’s the community & team aspect i got from volleyball for so many years.
it’s meeting & spending time with like minded individuals.
it’s building relationships & overcoming physical and mental obstacles together.
it’s getting stronger & pushing one another.
it’s bringing friends and showing them how good it feels to sweat it out.
it’s a safe space, my refuge.
a place that always leaves me better than when i walked in.
it’s letting go, just for a little while.
what’s group fitness for you?🖤 •• also you guys gotta take alexis’s class at @boxunionstudio - she’s kick a*s 🥊 ••

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Take care of your mind, body, and soul because when you do, it shows 🌻

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I think im the problem

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There are so many sometimes it’s tough to know where to start....

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Finally got one of these amazing looking argentinian sandwiches from @salchicha.nz 😍 i got this one with loads of chimichurri on top, and the bread is so soft👌🏼so good and will def be back for the halloumi one next 🥖💃🏻

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Egg drop soup is live on the fixate cooking channel on bod! this recipe is simple, as good as anything you get from a chinese restaurant and so much better for you! 1 💚 1 ❤️ totally fix-approved 😋

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Let’s talk peanuts....
did you know the peanut is the only nut that isn’t technically a nut, it’s a legume. this little gem of a superfood is unique in several ways. packed full of protein, gut nourishing fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. it also tastes amazing!
our signature gently roasted partially defatted peanut protein is the absolute juggernaut of plant based protein! we make a unique combination of peanut, pea and rice protein that is naturally turbo charged with aminos and gives the amino profile of whey protein a run for its money any day!!
better still our protein is available in 10 mouth watering flavours!! perfect for vegans, plant based lifestyles, dairy free individuals or anyone who loves peanut butter or a nice full bodied protein shake!! try it for yourself today! 🤓🤓😍😍💦💦
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You don't have to repeat the same old negative bullshit. you can change the whole s**t up if you wanted to. you can take your life to a whole new level.
you must choose to level the f*ck up. upgrade who you are! take your thoughts to the next level. open yourself up to new possibilities. tap into higher consciousness.
do not settle for average shit. do not accept mediocre energy. you can break the pattern. learn about yourself.
learn about thoughts, beliefs and energy. learn about your mind. understand the different levels of the mind.
know thyself. study who the f*ck you are. examine your past behaviors and past results. that s**t is repeating for a reason! you're creating that s**t because of your beliefs. your beliefs attract what you believe. 🤔🧐
your subconscious programs are running the show. all of your beliefs are found within your subconscious mind. your subconscious is filled with beliefs that were given to you by your parents, environment, school, media, music, and church.
what type of beliefs were you taught? 🤔🧐 how have those beliefs worked for you so far? 🤔 we all have beliefs that do not serve us! we all have beliefs that self sabotage the good things in our life.
learn about subconscious programming. take the time to learn about your d**n self! be aware of your own beliefs. your beliefs are creating your reality.
change the programs and your life will change.
the #globashift movement 🌐💯
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