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Впервые за 8 лет - Фестиваль Электронной Музыки в Киеве)))!!! Слава Рейву!!!))) #happylifestyle #loveman #салат #чай #пятница #party #disco #reiv #davidcarretta #kiev

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А вы знаете, жизнь ведь замечательна и удивительна, но только при одном условии...если замечать и удивляться!😆
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Nordic style is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality and that is exactly what those pillows represent ✨ #ourgiftsociety #giftshopping #bestgiftever https://bit.ly/2nbrwxw

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Video baru udah tayang guysss!!!
ayo siapa yg kemarin request buat aku bikin arabian look make up???
nah ini versinya aku dan kalian bisa bgt buat nonton video tutorialnya di channel youtube aku ya 😊😊😊
search youtube: novariana tasha
atau bisa klik link di bio aku
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'tava pensando aqui...🤔
bem que a @dccomics podia me patrocinar, mandar uns mimo, né não?😅

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My sister and i decided the best birthday gift for our mom would be a day spend with the kids followed by something that would make the memory everlasting . so we decided on a girls only picture day. this is a quick behind the scenes video , can’t wait for the pics . 💕
we were deciding what to wear and wanted something easy .. so my sis immediately thought of the kardashian’s family shoot look (jeans and white tops), my immediate thought was no way!!! why ? because i didn’t want to seem like we r copying the kardashians . what a silly thought, they’ll never know anyway 🤣🤣🤣
it was my pride & ego talking .
then i thought aren’t most things we own and do inspired by other beings?
why is it so hard to just admit that we are inspired by the media, models, reality starts and one another? isn’t that a form of flattery ? 💕
instead of poking fun at the very person that gave us the idea (like a lot of people do w the kardashians, they make fun of them but copy exactly what they do) why don’t we give some credit to the ones that have inspired us!!! it’s much more empowering. 💕

let’s tell those around us what we admire about them and compliment what we see as beautiful, it will only empower us more . tag 5 people 👇🏻 that you have recently been inspired by and show them some love.

thank you to the kardashians for their fun photo ideas plus all the hair and make up lessons in the past decade lol 😂 -
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Driving through the midwest always makes me think of little house on the prairie. growing up i couldn’t wait to get home after school to watch that show.
when my kids were little we read the book series. it had a huge impact on me and i think on them. sometimes we still talk about ma and pa and what they would do, 😂😂😂. i find myself quoting ma a lot “all’s well that ends well”. when they decided to make the trip west in search of land and a future for their family it was a huge risk and many people didn’t survive. it was common to go years between letters from your family who you left behind in the east. most knew they would never see the family again that they left behind. (grand parents, cousins, aunts and uncles etc). those left behind might never know if their family made it to their destination dead or alive. when we cross the missouri river i think about how laura ingles wilder wrote about how some people, families didn’t make it across before losing their lives. they barely made it across.

our family decided to make a big change 12 years ago and even though it’s hard to get home i’m thankful we live in a day and age where we can.
i’m thankful for a more mobile life in general but thanks to technology i’m thankful for being able to work from anywhere and still make a living. man and pa would never have imagined a life like this in a million years, probably not even cars or an interstate system. life continues to change each year and our future is always changing. in some ways we adapt and in some ways we dream.

my big dream is to have a home in nebraska (to live during football season and to spend quality time with family) and to have a beach house for the rest of the year. to work for as long as i can and to work from anywhere so i can be present for family when they need me. to be in my kid’s lives and grand kid’s lives no matter where they live, no matter where life takes them. even just a couple of years ago i would have never dreamed this. but now i’m looking at the world through different glasses, a different mindset and now i know it’s possible. i just have to believe and have the courage to make it happen.

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When she tells you to be cute 🤷🏻‍♂️
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