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Still working on my 60 people. but as you maybe noticed, not in 60 days. but i am working on it monday-friday 5:30-7:00 am. that’s when i’m finding the time. between cooking, cleaning, parenting, friending, hitting the gym, journaling, and working on other stuff, it’s been a struggle figuring out when to set up a consistent work time for this. i’m happy because i think i found the sweet spot for me. #happyhaizidailyart #happyhaizi #illustrator #procreate #draw60people #artist #art

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My workout today was a long walk in the crisp winter air and listening to an audiobook. i think it’s exactly what i needed, slowing down and getting time outside is a priority for me because it makes me happy. but my inner critic— was hard at work telling me it was an easy, lazy workout, i should be doing more strength training, and i don’t have time to do things i enjoy. don’t worry. i told the gremlin to beat it. there is time in my life for relaxation and doing things i enjoy. i like walking by myself outside and listening to audiobooks. so this is the kind of selflove that is important to give myself. i don’t have to do the awkward step class and fall victim to my gremlins and self-critic. i feel joy, and peace, and calm, and rejuvenation, after a long walk where i can be in nature. so i’m making more room in my life for these simple, easy, pleasures, and telling the critic to shut up again. it has no place in my life. yours either. do what makes you happy. make it a habit. do happy things for yourself every day. after the walk, i prepped my food for the week. the last 3 weeks i’ve been focusing on how to schedule my life so i’m more relaxed and my life is more enjoyable. sometimes it means saying no to friends so i can get my stuff at home done. prepping food, having alone time in the outdoors, exercise, cooking before my son gets home from school so i can play with him, and get stuff done, waking up early to have time to draw and journal. it takes thought, and a willingness to slow down, but it’s helping me feel more peaceful in my day to day life. how can you slow down today? who can you say no to, so that you can relax a little more? what fun can you turn into a daily habit? #happyhaizi #happyhaizithoughts #habits #dailyhabits #compassion #selfcritic #takeawalk #walk #selflove #myjourney #myjourneytofit #happyhaizimotivation #walks #audiobooks #libertypark #walksareworkoutstoo #fitmom #exercisemotivation

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Caramelized onion and gruyere quiche with pear cranberry balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and arugula. post workout snack, i really enjoyed eating this. what do you enjoy? knowing what you like is part of self-care. make a list of 10 things you really enjoy. i enjoy being with my husband and kiddo, making fancy salad bowls, dancing, being strong, basketball, self-help books, being outside, art, talking to friends, and learning new things that take me out of my comfort zone. #happyhaizi #happyhaizifood #tenthingsienjoy #selfcare

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Parmesan crusted french lamb rack with arugula and fancy vinegar and oil. i have the flu i think so no crazy workout today. but i had to cook the lamb before it went bad. it was pretty good. #happyhaizifood #happyhaizi #arugula #roastedlamb

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Spinach, boiled egg, roasted butternut squash, pecans, pumpkin seeds, chicken, and dijon dressing. #happyhaizi #happyhaizifood #eatinghealthy #salad #happyhaizisalad #fitmom #healthyfoods #proteinsandveggies

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I’ve been really loving roasting a ton of different types of mushrooms in the oven with olive oil and garlic lately. i prepped my food for the week. and i’m about to go to bed, cuz i’m an early riser, and i’m tired. i did my pushups, and went on a long walk. i’ve been doing push-ups when i feel myself slipping into a bad mood. surprisingly—effective. plus, added benefits of toning my arms. doing push-ups , instead of buying a pastry, or eating a pint of ice cream isn’t the same, but it’s gonna take time and patience to re-wire my brain with other rewards like pushups. small habits, over time, make big changes. this is what i’m banking on. what do you do to proactively get yourself into a good mood or change bad habits? #mushrooms #happyhaizi #happyhaizifood #roasted veggies #roastedmushrooms #pushupsaremoodboosters #selfcare #rewireyourbrain #newhabits #pushuphabit

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Pan fried tilapia with japanese shishito peppers, soy sauce, and sichuan peppercorns. ate with brown rice. i ate the cookies i made for my grandma!!!! ahh. sometimes i feel out of control. but i think i’ve just been processing some tough stuff. and you know what, i guess i really needed those cookies. it’s how i’m patterned to take care of myself—albeit maladaptive as it is. it is an attempt to soothe and distract from my uncomfortable feelings. so—here i am, frustrated, but not willing to be h*****n myself. times like these, are times i need self love, patience, and connection. not harsh criticism from my inner critic. i can do this. i can take care of myself, i can eat healthy. one decision at a time. and grandma i’ll make you a new batch and stay out of them, lol! #happyhaizi #happyhaizifood #patience #selflove #binge #bingeeatingrecovery #connection

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Blueberries, oranges, lime juice, crystalized ginger, mint, and honey. honestly, it doesn’t need honey. but it is good with it. today, i’m happy my eating habits are steering in a more veggie and fruit and protein kinda direction. that means not saying absolutely no to sugar or honey again...i realize now i think that was too extreme. instead, it means eating healthy stuff without sugar 90% of the time, or maybe 80% of the time. it means not having to define eating parameters for myself in a black and white way, it means doing my best, and giving myself foods i like and foods that make me feel good, and when i eat foods that don’t do that, it means asking myself what is going on in my life that has me running to these s**t foods. usually, when i notice i’m binging—- 3 pages of pure writing whatever comes to mind helps me tease out what is wrong or unbalanced. once i know what is up with my emotions, it’s easier to meet my emotional needs, when that is done it’s easier to eat well. it’s a type of self care. so today i got up at 6:00, tomorrow i’m gonna get up at 5:45 to carve out some more writing time. what time can you carve out for yourself tomorrow? why will it be helpful? let me know when you decide. would love to hear if journaling in the am helps you too! #happyhaizifood #happyhaizi #selfcare #fruitsalad #foodisselfcare #notblackandwhite #nofoodrules #fitmom #selflove #healthyfood #healthyfoodies #fruit #oranges #blueberries #mint #crystalizedginger #honey #lime #momehocooks #gymfood #eathealthy #yummy #yum #damngood #delucious #selfcompassion #imperfecteating

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