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"wir haben vielleicht nicht alles, was wir wollen. aber zusammen sind wir alles, was wir brauchen." #happybirthdaybaby

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Happiest birthday to my little rockstar mickey 🤘🏻 5 today 😳 love this little snuggle bunny... seriously that face and those brows ☺️ #dominicpeter #mumlife #happybirthdaybaby

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My little set up 😂 #happybirthdaybaby

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H a p p i e s t of birthdays to the one who makes me h a p p i e s t ! i love you and appreciate your loving heart, patient temperament, and for putting up with my dad jokes and puns. 🎂🍻🎈 #happybirthdaybaby #anotherone #cheerstoyou

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@divyankatripathidahiya my #cutiepie 😘😘😘😘 #happybirthdaybaby #4hrsleft let the countdown begin !! 😍😍😍😍 @divyankatripathidahiya

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Happy birthday to my best friend. i thank god for you everyday. just when i thought love didn’t exist, he brought me you. 😍❤️🎂 #turnupbaby #crippledandall #youstillloveme #happybirthdaybaby

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✨happy birthday to my amazing husband!✨ my one and only. there’s no one i would rather spend my life with then you and i can’t wait to see what amazing adventures we will share throughout our lifetime. i love you with all of my heart. i don’t know what i would do without you, but i never want to find out.💋 #happybirthdaybaby

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Happy 25th birthday to the handsome love of my life!! quarter century lifeee! 😊😍😘🎉 i'm soooo happy to be celebrating your birthday for the 3rd yr in a row but this year not just as your girlfriend- but as your wife & mother of your child on the way. ☺️💍🤰🏽it's a blessing to see where god has taken us! i thank you for everything you do & the husband you're becoming- the hard work, love, & dedication you have towards myself & our family does not go unnoticed. you're amazing in so many ways & i can't wait to celebrate your bday with you for the rest of our lives! i pray god blesses you with many many more to come! 👫💍 • side note/ life lesson : when i first started talking to this man & found out he was younger than me i almost wrote him off!! 🙊 but who knows that sometimes/most of the time the person you're meant to be with won't come in the package you think they're "supposed" to come in! i'm so thankful i was obedient to god & listened when he told me that this was my future husband & not to disregard him! (yes god told me from the beginning... but i'll share that story later 😝) • so ladies, don't ever deny giving someone a chance because he doesn't match your ideal image - age, height, etc. there's so much more to a person & you never know, he could end up being your future spouse 🙏🏽😜 love, reesa j. 💕💍 #happybirthdaybaby #iloveyou #quartercentury #amazing #husband #birthdayman #godisgood #blessings #life #godly #relationship #marriage #relationship advice #celebrate #life #encourage #motivate #inspire #godsplan #thankful #myhappilyeverafter #youngerguys #theytakingover loool 😘

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Happy birthday to my gorgeous man! i love you nick! i hope you have a wonderful day today! #happybirthdaybaby #1214 #decemberbaby #sagitarrius #mylove

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Daddy pimped the cake, everything has the be perfect 🎉💝🎈🎁❤️👧🏼❤️#happybirthdaybaby #myworld #iloveyou #daughter

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- Мама, мне кажется это сон. - Почему, детка? - Мне не верится, что мне на день рождения подарили питомца, и мне кажется, я проснусь и все пропадет. - Нет, это не сон, милая. - Мама, это самый лучший подарок в моей жизни)))) #девочка #нашdespasito #happybirthday #happybirthdaybaby #mybaby #baby #mylove #mydaughter #bithdayparty #моядевочка #счастьеесть #новыйдруг #попугай #нашпитомец #cornevaworld

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Alright last birthday post for the birthday girl! lol #happybirthdaybaby #december132016 👑👸

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💝 happiest of birthdays my love. the human that you can count on, the one who selflessly will put anyone before herself, the heart that is open to everyone., & the woman that holds my heart and keeps it safe. today is yours baby. you deserve the world melody even if the world doesn’t deserve you. #godsgreatestcreation #happybirthdaybaby #iloveyou

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Now that’s what i call a happy sleeping pig on her 3rd birthday! #happybirthdaybaby #peony #bellyfullofpumpkincake #pig

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@lv2kids44 bought penelope her first build a bear! she loves her new poppy doll! #buildabear #trolls #happybirthdaybaby #oneyearold #birthdaygirl

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My little set up 😂 #happybirthdaybaby

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