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This is beautiful to me
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She was so excited for her raspberry macaroon! my best friend turns 4!!!! 😍 #happybirthdaybaby 💕💕

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At this very moment last year, september 20 2017 @ 7:47am i finally laid my eyes on you for the very first time. holding you for the first time brought so many feelings and emotions to my body it’s indescribable. penelope, my sweet girl you’ve taught me how to love like i never knew i could before. being your mommy is the absolute best thing to ever happen to me. thank you for showing me what love truly is. over the past year i’ve shed some tears, wondering if what i’m doing is “good enough” but also lived some of the best moments in my life. all the sleepless nights were and still are so worth it. watching you grow is so much fun, seeing you learn new things everyday. you make me so proud. as i write this watching you sleep, i can’t help but think how i’m the luckiest mommy in the world to have you as my baby. you are so smart, beautiful, smiley, dramatic,full of personality, and lots of attitude. i can’t wait to watch you and guide you to grow into a beautiful women. you’ll always be my baby. i love you so much p and always remember as your mommy i will always do my best to give you the world and i will always be here to hold your hand and stand by you for eternity. i love you my sweet girl. here’s to the best year of my life💗💓 happy birthday baby girl 👩‍👧💗 xoxo ~ mom❤️ #penelopeturnsone #misspenelopelopez👑 #happybirthdaybaby

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Happy birthday to my handsome husband! tom trinkner, 61 looks good on you babe! 💖

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And just like that...you’re one!!! happy first birthday zayn. we love you ❤️ @imranicus #babysfirstbirthday #growingupsofast #birthdayboy #happybirthdaybaby #loveyousomuch

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My first walking ! 😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉😚😚😚 #babywalking #lovely_day #happybirthdaybaby #ilovedaddymummy

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Everything about ‘leena’s smile makes me happy 😭💞 #happybirthdaybaby

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My babyboy is growing up 🙈 omg hes getting so big 🌹🖤 happy birthday julian 🙏🏼✨ #happybirthdaybaby #loveyouu #blessed

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Roses & concrete 🌹 #happybirthdaybaby

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❤️happy ✨19th✨birthday ❤️to our beautiful girl!! oh how i’d go back in time & give this little sweetie a snuggle but could not be prouder of where she is today! keep having fun, keep figuring out you...just keep shining bright! we love you soooo much!🌟❤️💫😍✨🎂🎈🎉😘 #happybirthdaybaby #thosecheeks#notkikismombutiloveyou @alaynacottrell

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The beautiful colors of sapphire. sapphire is the september birthstone. i love working with this magnificent gemstone! #birthstones #septemberbaby #gemstones #happybirthdaybaby #ilovejewelry #coloredgemstones

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Vegas and big sis kyra! happy 6th birthday, vegas! #happybirthdaybaby #6yearsoldtoday #autismboy #autismfamilies

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Singing happy happy birthday to my ride or die, my ace, my right hand, and my best friend! 24 got you glowing baby! i love you! may your day be as divine as you are! 💕💋😘 #happybirthdaybaby #kobeyear24🎉🎈🎂🍻

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Happy 3 month birthday bella!!! 💚

bella loves to eat fruits, especially pineapples and mangoes. our vegan veterinarian in germany recommended us to feed her bones and meat while she is a puppy, so i am cooking for her. she loves chicken & rice, chopping bones and she even likes the cooked vegan food we are enjoying. she will be a happy vegan dog once she is grown up! 🌱

my question to you guys: did someone raise a puppy vegan? since what age is it possible to cut the animal products out?
do you have a favorite vegan dog food brand that you recommend?

just in case some of you might think feeding a dog vegan food is against their nature, please check the ingredients of the dog foods on the market. most of the dog food is the worst crap. and many brands are even vegan and meat free to reduce costs,but still advertise their food as "with meat flavor". feed your animals the best food you can find and you will have happy and healthy furry family members! ✨

@travelcatsunny does not like fruits! 😹

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Birthday breakfast pancakes for doug - shaped like a turtle 🐢,complete with chocolate chip eyes - courtesy of my step-kid.
i’m telling you, next to learning how to use the bathroom alone properly, one of the best parenting milestones is when they learn to cook solo (with minimal supervision).🙌🏾
next up, convincing the kids to go outside and clean the snow off of the car in the mornings.❄️😩😂

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Joshy is turning two. it has been two amazing years. his birth was not easy but it showed me that everything can be turn into power!!! today i see around and i concluded i have win a lot.. i feel completely blessed to share with him today, time goes so fast !
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Happy birthday to this devastatingly handsome, crazy-haired, sweet, beautiful man who brings me joy and happiness every day. #birthdaylove #mymansbirthday #happybirthdaybaby

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On this day 10 years ago chaniyah came into this world at exactly 5:32 a.m. at 34 weeks premature. i pray she stay the sweetest most passive, beautiful and brilliant girl. you will forever be my baby no matter what, always remember that. #happybirthdaybaby 🎉🎈

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Hbd love

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🎈happy 3rd birthday dylan 🎈 i hope as the years pass you don’t lose your beautiful nature. you are the most caring little boy. i love your cuddles, i love your my little shadow and not so much your my little parrot... we love you lots n lots ❤️ #dylanturns3 #happybirthdaybaby

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Поздравляем малыша С Днём Рождения!!!🍼 сегодня нам 7 месяцев!!! 🎁 время летит быстро! 💨 и Папочка пока не даёт согласия показать личико 👼🏼 и Грызунок тут не случайно ... утром заметила что режутся 2 нижних зубика, надо нафоткать Вовчика без зубов 😄 что бы запомнить это милое смешное выражение 👶🏼 любим тебя крепко крепко 👪 расти здоровеньким на радость всем!!! 💙💋 #plaksinfamilly #plaksinsfamilly #plaksinvladimir #vladimirplaksin #litovchenkoalbina #happybirthdaybaby

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Kenyér és ékszer készítő workshopunk keretén belül ma újabb születésnapi bulit tartunk!i te mikor jössz hozzánk bulizni? am all excited. tonight we are organizing another bread and jewelry making workshop as a birthday party. are you coming next time? #szuletesnapiparty #workshops #kenyérsütés #ékszerkészítés #ekszer#születésnapitorta #születésnapiajándék #lifeisbeautiful2018 #happybirthdaybaby

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Heute ist ein besonderer tag ! heute ist mein baby 3 jahre alt um genau 15:19 uhr 😍 ich erinnere mich oft daran zurück wie es vor 3 jahren um diese zeit war. ich lag im kreissaal und ich wusste ich liebe dich , obwohl ich dich noch nicht kannte. als ich dich das erste mal sah war die liebe so unglaublich groß!!! eine welt ohne dich ? unvorstellbar!!! darum feiern wir heute dein geburtstag kleine maus ❤️❤️❤️ #birthdaymommy #birthday #happybirthdaydaughter #happybirthdaymybabygirl #happybirthdaybaby

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Happy 27th birthday to the one i’m lucky to call mine!! 🎉🎂🎈it’s your birthday, but you’re my gift & everyday i’m grateful that i was led to you. i love you now & always will, baby! 💖 cheers to many more years & spending it together, doing life, & creating memories we’ll forever cherish. 🍻

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