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Happy birthday to the man that has not only made a musical impact on my life but also an emotional and mental impact. he has shown me how to accept myself and carry on through the tough times in life. he takes his problems and learns from them to then teach the rest of the world how to deal with them. somehow through all the rough patches he has still kept up for us and stayed strong to show that you can over come anything. he takes something he loves (music) and uses it to put a message out into the world and help everyone else, i may not know him personally but, i know that he is selfless and cares for all those around him. he has made an impact on many lives and i’m happy to say that mine is one of them. thank you @ashtonirwin 💫💛 #happybirthdayashton #hbdashton #hbdashtonirwin #happybirthdayashtonirwin

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💗happy birthday ashton. i love you so so much, you make me so happy & you’re absolutely beautiful and amazing. have the best best birthday💗
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Happy birthday to this amazing man who holds a special place in my heart and constantly makes me happy💞i’m so proud of him and his success and he deserves everything good in the world💘💘
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dt @ashtonirwin
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• all my favs wishing ash a happy birthday!! i seriously love all of them tho😂💗🎂•
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Ashtooooon!💓 happy happy birthday number 24!🎉🎊 😭♥ i hope you really have such a good time and that you are completely happy 🙌🏻💕. i want to tell you that you are the best ashton, you always make me happy when i'm really sad, i'm always laughing every time you do really funny things😂😍, i love having idols that always make me happy! :'). i love you ashton, we will always be with you and we will always support you! 💖 #weloveyouashton #happybirthdayashton #happybirthdayashtonirwin

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💗happy birthday ashton, i love you so much. here’s one of your most iconic things you’ve ever said💗
“tadpoles are baby turtles”
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Quiero desearle un feliz cumpleaños a mi persona favorita en este mundo, a mi mayor inspiración❤ no puedo creer que este tan grande! pero aún que tenga 80 años él para mi será siempre un bebé. él es para mi un rayito de sol en los días oscuros, juro que no puedo amarlo más porque mi corazón explotaria. te amo, espero verte pronto mi ángel @ashtonirwin 🌹
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I know these aren’t memes but i really don’t care, because it’s ashton’s birthday. there’s so much to say about him and so much pictures of him i want to post but i chose ten. he is such a beautiful human being. he is talented, kind, funny, and s****d (when i say s****d i mean like the funny s****d 😅) he has grown into a wonderful person. he has a big heart for all of us and he cares about us. he shows us that he cares. i just wish i was able to meet him and hug him. he is just a love able person. his smile also. i love his smile. you can tell when he is genuinely happy and not faking it. can we also talk about his eyes? they are just so beautiful. happy birthday ashton!!! hope you have a fun filled day! -jayden 😈 #happybirthdayashtonirwin #happy24thbirthdayashtonirwin

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Happy birthday bb boy!!! dt: @ashtonirwin and the whole calum hoods s***s gc.
ac: @cresvnt
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