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What?? doesn’t everyone hang out in their driveway in enormous, handmade, colorful skirts and extremely large pieces of jewelry? no??? just me!?
@susan.supernova...your skirt!!! guys, susan has been on my list for probably a year. but she really wanted this fabric. i ran out and haven’t seen it since. we’ve postponed her twice to keep searching. i’ve been looking. she’s been looking. i didn’t find it. but she did! good job, susan...aka...”fabric finder extraordinaire!” i hope it’s worth the wait.

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The bustle skirt will be offered in this wonderful green/teal & black combo for this release, reminds me of flashy labradorite ✨
don’t miss out, everything goes live this sunday at 5 pm pst.
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One fabric, two different looks. ❤️ i usually buy enough of a fabric that i love to get more than one garment out of it, but i'm especially happy with this set because of how different they are. one is dressy and polished, and the other is more everyday casual. it's so fun to use a fabric for more than one thing! and those shorts will go down as a top 5 favorite of 2018, which is really saying something about how my style is evolving, because i haven't worn shorts since i was 12. 😂❤️☀️🤭 #fashionsewing #isew #sewist #sew #sewing #seamstress #madewithbritex #v8789 #handmadeclothing #handmadewardrobe #sewingblogger #summersewing #summerstyle #gingham

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Reposting this incredible vegan girl > from @themothermoon 💓💓
“if someone can just explain to me why they need to eat animals, or eat dairy- i’ll listen. but, i guarantee you mama they don’t have a good enough answer.” she told me just today, “you know, if they say it’s because it’s been like that for hundreds of year- that’s nonsense. just because something has been a certain way for hundreds of years doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be changed. doesn’t mean it is right. killing is not right. killing people is wrong? but killing animals is right?! if i told someone who eats cows, i wanted to eat their dog- they’d get upset. theres no difference. an animal is an animal- a living breathing animal. why do they do this?! why are they killing all these animals- just to eat dead animals?!! why?! no way, i have to stand up for them, like @jamesaspey does.” she’s the reason we went vegan 3.5 years ago, after being dairy free now for nearly 9 years. she doesn’t know what dairy tastes like, and she never will. when she asked me why what i served her was alive, and then it was dead on her plate- and i had to explain that’s what we’re eating- i couldn’t give her a good enough answer. that’s why we’re vegan- for the animals and every reason in between.
🙌🏻🌿 she is the future. 🌎✌🏼my 8 year old

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Further reductions on baja costura online

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Cute 😍 madelyn from @my_little_hares taking bunny for a ride in our little petal winter dress 💕☺️ #handmadewithlove available up to size 5 🙌
now if only my kiddies could be this cute and go the 🙊 to sleep! it gets like that some times right? #motherhoodreality #keepingitreal #perksofmotherhood .
bike - @kinderfeets from @dearkidz
headband - @snugglehunnykids .
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🌸🌺 b l o o m s 🌺🌸

what a beautiful set this was! this was one of the first prints i selected and i still love it. bright and feminine it’s also so classy! and it works fabulously with the rose linen effect cuff and details. this is the blooms in spring but i’d love to do a set in the new colourway blooms in autumn! •
newborn packages are available in sizes newborn and 0-3 months. the 3 piece contains leggings, a dribble bib and hat/headband, while the 4 piece option adds in 1 extra large swaddle or 2 large muslins and also has the bonus of free shipping. as always it’s all organic cotton too.

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Ed è con il tipico "ballettino da shooting" di @poddy_daphne che annuncio la chiusura degli ordini su misura per l'estate 2018! ⏸️☺️
grazie per tutte le commissioni di questa primavera/estate, siete state davvero parecchie e ora che ho fatto il punto la soddisfazione è tanta, lo ammetto💕
programmati gli ultimi progetti, vi informo che da questo momento sarò disponibile per realizzare altri capi su misura solo se con consegna prevista a partire da ottobre 2018🚀
devo concentrarmi sulla collezione autunnale e concedermi anche una piccola pausa per ripartire al meglio verso nuove proposte di collaborazione davvero troppo allettanti!!🤩🤞🏻
ancora graziegraziegraziegrazie a tutte!! 💕 e tenetevi pronte per una super sorpresa che vi svelerò a breve! stay tuned! 😉😉 #piccolapausa #ideesumisura #quelcheèfattoèfatto #grazie #thanks #customized #seibì #newsarecoming #newproject #newcollection #newcollaboration #collaborazioni #clothesanddesign #laboratoriodelleidee #conceptlab #vestidifferente #abbigliamentoartigianale #handmadeclothing #madeinitaly #madewithamore #vestiresponsabilmente #aboutlastshooting #comunicazionediservizio

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