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Back after being out of the gym for 1month 1/2 and pain never felt so good !
definitely feeling weaker but my mind is full of new goals and this new year is another opportunity to prove myself what i am capable of.
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📝form check - rope pushdown⤵️
❌stop this❌
shifting the elbows forward, and allowing the shoulders to move. this creates momentum - which we don’t want. also, breaking the wrists at the bottom, as they won’t be in the strongest position this way...
✅do this✅
the focus is to isolate the triceps as much as possible. keep the shoulders stationary during this entire movement. you should only be flexing and extending your elbow joint. also, spread the rope at the bottom while keeping the wrists straight. this will give an intense contraction of the triceps, giving you faster results💯
credit : @renshawspt
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Triceps technique🔥 💪💪💪 follow ➡️➡️ @bodybuildinggymcenter .
credit : @gym_legacy_

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12 minute emom workout 127: ⁣⁠
workout instructions: ⁣⁠

complete the exercises for the prescribed number of reps under a minute. if you complete the exercise or movement under that minute, you will rest for the remaining time. ⁠

✔️for the walking lunges, it's 10 reps per side.⁠

start the following exercise when the next minute is up.⁣ ⁣ ⁠

🖥: visit juanlugofitness.com for more workouts ⁣⁠

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Lol 😂 😩 idk what in the witchcraftery is going on with my ig, but y’all are giving me about 120+ follows per hour. i’m no mathematician but that sounds krazy as hell. y’all got me to almost 100,000 follows and i swear i just be chill as fuk. this is probably the most “ass shaking” i’ve ever even posted, i just post goofy a*s pics lol. so i just gotta know why y’all show so much love lol. it’s krazy lowkey, right? no matter what i appreciate that you all never had me asking for follows or likes of any of that other stuff, you’ll just show mad love and i appreciate every follower and like and view i get. it’s all luv 💕😘 oh and i appreciate my first fan page 😍😍😍 go follow @krazyrachael_fanpage that’s dope af too. 🌻💋

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Here is 1 of roughly 40 exercises i highlight in my new offset loading article (link in bio). and yes even though it was just an empty 45 lb bar this was without a doubt one of the most brutal overhead presses i’ve ever performed as it felt like more core & abs were going to explode. this same strategy can also be employed on chest presses, rows, squats, & other traditional barbell movements.

offset barbell leverage training is very similar to offset barbell loading in terms of the effects & benefits. the primary difference is that rather than placing more weight on one side of the bar to produce the offset stimulus, you’ll simply shift to one side of the bar. this places one side into a more biomechanically disadvantageous position and the other into a biomechanically strong position.

for instance if i shift to the right, i’ll have more of the weight on the left side of my body & visa versa. this extreme rotational forces the lifter will have to resist both on the barbell and their body. the level of core stability, anti-rotation, full body tension, anti-lateral flexion, & rotary stability are through the roof.
lastly i’ve had multiple questions recently about how often i use 90 degree joint angles on basic movement patterns such as squats, presses, pulls, lunges, & hinges??? the answer is essentially 100% of the time as it represents the most biomechanically sounds, safest, & strongest position and also one which the muscles are maximally recruited while also placing the least amount of stress on the joints.
credit : @dr.joelseedman_ahp

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credit : @apfau

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Tryna look cute and wear a dress. 🤦🏽‍♀️❤️🎶 omfg i wish i was less of a tom boy! 🥺😩 be nice!! 😎😳

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One of my favorite supersets is the dumbbell shoulder press straight into some sort of dumbbell raise. for me i get the best shoulder workouts by incorporating these. i usually do about 3-4 sets of these to start off the workout then go into some heavy machine presses followed by some isolation exercises. here’s a clip from today’s workout 🏋️‍♂️
credit : @stevencao_

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