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New youtube video up ... full day of eating 💗💗go show some love 🙊 also begginer and advanced b***y guides on my website, link in bio 🍑

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Thursday! of course this isn’t me now i wish i could hit this pose but currently chilling trying to rest my back and get off my feet yesterday was a world change right after my front squats i think me trying to get my arms up really aggravated it allot couldn’t barely walk without extreme pain in my left lat allot better today can move around allot better going to be taking it very easy and just going to the gym to stretch out cause i’ve been neglecting my stretching routine and this is a great reason why you have to stretch your muscle especially if you workout allot allot! -
clothing: @jed_north use code (cm15) for 15% off!

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Had an amazing night yesterday at the @gymshark christmas party with the uk & nl team 🎄🎅🏽
i met a lot of new people, enjoyed some good foods and even got some christmas presents from santa! 🎁

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Há 3 anos eu decidi mudar.
larguei velhos hábitos e substitui por novos.
algumas gordurinhas a menos, sim!
mas a mudança maior foi por dentro.
eu me encontrei! .
hoje eu sou a mais nova versão de mim mesmo.
me tornei uma pessoa melhor, mais positiva, mais segura, mais alegre, mais leve, com mais amor e sede de viveeer!
sou apaixonada pela minha rotina, já amanheço com o coração pulsando amor e 💦!
tão bom fazer aquilo que deixa-a gente feliz, que trás vida pra viiiida!
porque a vida é pra ser vivida, e dela só quero o que me faz sorrir todos os dias! 💕🌸🙌🏻
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Quand tu remarques que tes cuisses sont prêtes à dechirer tes pantalons !
aujourd'hui j'ai enfin terminé ma plus grosse vidéo, la vidéo cuiiisses ! 😈
elle m'a pris 2 journées complètes de travail et dure plus de 10 minutes !
ce sera clairement la vidéo la plus complète sur le sujet de tout le youtube francophone !
elle sera en ligne sur ma chaine youtube ce samedi à 18h tapante !
qui sera au rendez-vous ? :d

youtube : kilian hagen -10 % - kiliansp sur superphysique nutrition
-10 % - bodytraining sur lamethodestreet

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Swipe and save this leg workout↗️
as requested, here’s an awesome leg workout for you guys to try! legs are a dominant body part for me and i truly think it’s because i go for slower/controlled reps and do many sets/reps each exercise. it’s easier on the joints which is why i chose this way for me. i have 2 screws in my right knee and it has been a struggle in the past to avoid knee pain but lowering the weight and lifting this way has helped my knee and legs grow!
🔹leg extension superset w/ walking lunges (not recorded) 4x30,20
🔹pit-shark squat 5x10
🔹box squats 5x10
🔹leg press superset w/ bulgarian split squats 4x20,10 (each leg)
🔹dumbbell stiff legged deadlifts
for custom nutrition and workout plans hit the link in my bio.

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Gostou do vídeo? já deixa sua curtida e marque suas amigas abaixo e siga @videosdetreino
✔ não faça treino sem orientação de um profissional
toque 2x na tela e salve esse vídeo
🔴não faça treino sem orientação de um profissional

use a tag #videosdetreino
vídeo @ashleigh_jordan
gostou do video ? marque suas amigas 👇🏿👇🏿
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If you’re looking to build a fit, healthy and athletic physique hit the link in my bio to pick up a copy of my book.
over the weekend during an interview i was asked how did i build up a rather large and engaged following when i am nowhere near the biggest, strongest, leanest or most talented individual out there.
and that in itself might be part of it, i eat delicious food (iifym), i go out regularly enough, i travel often while maintaining or even improving my health and body composition, fitness should improve your life and add to it not take away from it. i personally find it more impressive when someone lives life to the utmost while still staying on top of their fitness 💪🏼

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