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Have any of you visited the lovely village of tjørnuvík? | photo by @thefella #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands

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Hello everyone! @photojbartlett here with my first takeover shot! it’s from a truly classic location, highlighting both múlafossur and gásadalur village. it’s usually one of the first stops on our annual @f8workshops photography workshop and it’s a beautiful place for anyone to begin exploring these islands; however, i hope the images i’ll share over the next seven days will show that the best rewards are found by visitors who stay active, hike across the rugged landscape, cycle the twisting roads, and jump ferries to less-visited islands. #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands

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@photojbartlett here again! during my visits, i’ve pushed beyond the four main islands – vágar, streymoy, eysturoy, and borðoy – and discovered a slower pace to the faroe islands. on sandoy, which is a short ferry ride from gamlarætt, it felt like we had the place to ourselves. we hiked along the wild coast as fog danced across the scene. one moment, we were in a whiteout. the next, we were looking at this view of trølhøvdi islet. #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands

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It’s @photojbartlett posting and i’ve jumped islands yet again! suðuroy is the southern most island in the faroese archipelago and it just might be the most photogenic. i could have spent days hiking along its rugged coastlines; however, this location is still the most unbelievable place i’ve ever stood. the cliff walls in front of me plunged what must have been 1000ft into the ocean, seabirds flew below us, and a giant sea stack towered in the background. photographer @thomasvikre adds the scale, if you can see him. #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands

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After visiting the beautiful vineyards in bordeaux region with @bordeauxwinesuk, where we drank wine and ate delicious food, we stayed one night in the city and what a lovely surprise it was ✨ loved walking around the charming streets and taking pictures of cute corners 🧡 have you ever been in bordeaux? i fell in love with this beautiful french treasure...and with bordeaux wines, obviously 😋 {press trip with #bordeauxwinesuk}

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Ok i lied. in the end i did find some more straw bags here. and all the brushes too.

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Really love this neighbourhood ❤️

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