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What possibility do you have today? 😉bring joy to someone, feed your family & keep them going, get in touch with your spiritual life, offer your goods & services to someone new, move your body... and the biggest one is move forward on your dream. i love the smell of possibility in the morning 😍❤️😀😎

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Don’t let a change of your perspective be stunted by the fear of loss of friendships or family. or the fear of being judged or shunned because we don’t see things the same way anymore. if the call to the new perspective persists, move with it. even if there is tremendous loss, there will be tremendous inner peace. keep an open mind and an open heart ❤️, life unfolds in marvelous ways.

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No matter your size, you can have sass😎 show you style every day💋

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Wink, wink 😉 today is one of those days that i have a choice and i choose to wink at the challenges. you can overcome so much by being a little more light hearted. i know there are deep challenges in life and i know i can choose how i face them..😉😉😉looks good 💛

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For my dog friends... we’re dog sitting this weekend for our grand dogs 🐕... so we have 2olds and 2 youngsters. after 5 days the youngsters enticed the oldest to play. she still has some moves, even at 13. enjoy this fun loving play❤️💛😍 you can teach old dogs new tricks😂

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I was looking for a celebration post pic & found this. i’m grateful for all who have served our country on behalf of freedom. and i’m also grateful to be able achieve financial freedom through my endeavors. not the same but grateful just the same🎈. have a great weekend 💛

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Memorial day is holiday in the united states for remembering and honoring people who have died while serving in the united states armed forces. 🙏🏻❤️

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We made it! we’re at the end of the #pantene14daychallenge, and seriously…time flies. after trying out the #pantenerepairandprotect shampoo and conditioner for the last two weeks, i can honestly say that i’m loving the results. my hair feels so much softer, and the products have done wonders for my usual frizz and dryness. plus, i noticed that i’ve been wearing my hair down more instead of throwing it up into my usual “i give up” ponytail, so @pantene has definitely provided me with a #greathairday more often! #ad head to walmart for a great deal on this collection!

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