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One of my favorite things about summer is enjoying a perfectly ripe tomato. i love tomato sandwiches on sourdough toast, sliced tomatoes with salt, caprese salad w/ tomatoes & avocado, on avocado toast. the possibilities are endless. a ripe, juicy tomato can make just about anything better. what is your favorite way to eat tomatoes? 🍅❤️🍅❤️🍅 #tomato #tomatoes #tomatolove #vegetarian #vegetarian #vegetarianlife #vegetarianlifestyle #veganfood #vegan #fruit #fruititarian #fruitilicious #freshfruit #freshfruits #freshtomatoes #ripetomatoes #juicy #juicytomatoes #fruitporn

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Little reminder from my #travel buddy... #always surround yourself with true #friends.

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Gratitude. kind eyes. our culture admires the sharp tongue and the destructively quick wit. comedy has become a glutanous feast of brash vocabulary. the strong community leader grows his support at the funeral pyre of his competition. i find peace in my understanding of god. my savior encourages me to have kind eyes for my neighbor, for my persecutor, and for those who would falsely accuse my motives. why? because that is what he did when i did not understand him. he is the real deal that changed the course of this once perverse heart. lord, may my worship of you reflect your kind eyes to those who just don't understand...yet. #thejourneyofalife #godisgood #gratitude #grace #kind #eyes #encourager #motive #understand #glutananny #feast #sharp #tongue #destructive

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People say nice things to me all the time. they constantly thank me on a weekly basis for my posts, shining my light or working with me. i’m eternally grateful for the acknowledgments and expressions of thanks for how i help these people. it really humbles me, and acts like a reminder that one voice can change so much for many.
i urge and encourage you to do the same, you may not do the work i do but simply showing up being the best version of yourself each day helps the person next to you. kindness isn’t hard, it’s simple. imagine if everyone on this planet decided to be a leader of themselves everyday of their life. the impact on social issues and injustices will stand little chance. so while you’re busy in your everyday life, please remember to stay grounded and connected to yourself from this space you lead and help another. but most of all you stay true to who you’re!
here is a testimonial from a truly amazing woman i’ve been working with. just two sessions and her life is different, she couldn’t of imagined this 18 months ago!
“i can’t thank you enough for your help, guidance and strength you have given me to be a better person. i would never have come this far without your help and mentoring. what you are doing for so many women is beyond amazing i believe you’re an angel in my eyes helping so many people.” allegra l, perth

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Happy sunshine filled wednesday...this winter weather is stunning!!! this sunday i’ll be hosting the last pure living & essential oil class for july🌴#nextstophawaii
this class is fun,practical and teaches you how to bring oils into home immediately. please let me know by saturday afternoon if you can make it. as always, this class is free…just bring yourself and your vibe✨ xx

living with essential oils is potent and magical. our entire being is supported. life feels…better, delightful.

these little amber bottles filled with plant powerhouses let their aroma’s speak for themselves.

learn how to upgrade your health and wellbeing and how, with essential oils at our fingertips, we are taking care of 80% of health issues.
experience a significant shift in your being as each aroma is inhaled and to learn how essential oils support and empower our bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually.

these botanical beauties are natural, holistic, very powerful solutions for every day issues...more calm, less stress, increased life balance, gut health, digestion, mood management, hormone management, colds, flus, hayfever, asthma, natural cleaning solutions, pet wellness, sleep, skin, emotional/trauma healing, add, adhd, anxiety... dōterra essential oils hold us, they allow us to thrive...they are so much more than just a pretty smell and offer us powerful wellness solutions for everyday issues.

let’s get together for a cup of tea, laughter, high vibing like minds, some beautiful oily fun and learn how to introduce essential oils into your life in practical ways…

my home - avalon beach
sunday 22 july
2pm - 3.30pm ...co-creating waves of wellness...xo 🌏💙🙏🏼
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May god continue blessing me with more gains 🙏🏽 physically, financially, mentally, & spiritually! thankful for my health and physical abilities. thankful for my power. 💪🏽 thankful for being able to just be me and do what i love.✨❣️

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I’ve hit a rough patch emotionally these past few weeks between work stress, body image issue, car problems, imposter syndrome after a rejection and good old fashion depression. but the guy in this picture works so hard everyday to make sure i’m ok and happy. i hold on to the fact that i’m fortunate to have him by my side. it was his idea to have matching outfits for bhof. i love him. #ladysapphirenoir #lordsapphirenoir #ladyandlordsapphirenoir #burlesqueblues #mugglelife #burlesquecouple #marriage #blackandwhite #retrostyle #illstandbyyou #leopardprint #matchingoutfits #bhof2018 #gratitude

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It's important to be present. to live in the present and for the present. certainly learn from the past and prepare for the future, but do not forget today. right now. this is your life. #livenow #bepresent #gratitude #moments #retreatyourself

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