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You shouldn’t put much stock in holding a handstand long enough to please your ego if it brings you harm. likewise, you shouldn’t hold on to resentment or jealousy against yourself or someone else. 
such a truth is both confronting and a release from the burden of our ego self.
after a long time of taking time away from teaching yoga, it is time to bring some love and compassion back to the world.
my time has been spent well, gaining a greater understanding of my own experience, observing, nurturing and accepting all the parts of me that i had previously thought un lovable. so much nonsense pervades the yoga industry, so much so that yoga has become just that, an industry.
we will be sharing our truths from the heart, our focus on the tradition of yoga instead of the industry.
yoga is not how flexible you are, the clothes you wear or the amount of money or recognition you aspire to have. we will investigate the true path to liberation, to discover ishvara along the way.
we will be sharing classes over summer, connecting to the beauty of nature and our surroundings and most importantly we will investigate and share patanjalis 8 limb path of yoga.
we look forward to seeing you and sharing with you our love of spirit and existence with you.
watch this space as we start by exploring the 1st limb yamas.
sending love and prayers
in spirit ❤ g

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Our health, our fitness, our physique is our responsibility. our aesthetic appearance is down to our choices. how much body f*t we have is down to how much we’ve prioritised looking after ourselves.
every single day we get to make choices that are either going to drive us toward our goals and a healthier lifestyle. or we’ll choose to not do anything about it.
neither option is wrong. neither option good or bad. there’s only the option you choose and the one you don’t choose.
however, it’s important to keep in mind that our natural response is to make excuses for things. it’s comfortable. it keeps us safe.
but it also limits us.
when we take responsibility for our lives, for our health, for our relationships, our finances, our physique, our happiness, we get to choose what the outcomes will be.
of course, life will always throw us curve balls but do we pine over the inconvenience, the hurt or the hardship? or do we choose to keep going?
do we stumble? sure. but do you continue to just lay on the ground? no way.
the choice is ours no matter what happens. and taking responsibility for our lives is f*****g liberating.
if you want to take responsibility for your health and for your fitness goals then sliiiiide into my dms. i have 20% off all block bookings for november and december for in person personal training. and i’m also taking on a limited number of online 1-1 clients 😁
it’s time to take action. it’s time to own our choices and reach our goals. i’d love to guide you through that process.

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And in the blink of an eye autumn is upon us... feeling grateful for frosty mornings and sweatshirt temp days, beautiful colors, migrating birds visiting on their way south, the smell of smoke wood stoves and fireplaces... always with love my friends ♥️

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R e s p e i t o 😌 💚gurias e gurizes💚
⤵⤵⤵😌⤵⤵⤵ 😌intensivo de boas energias😌 💎harmonia entre as pessoas💎
💎bom senso💎
💎eu estou bem💎
💎eu estou em paz💎
💎eu entrego💎
💎eu acredito💎
💎sou grata💎
💎sou ser de luz💎 💕boraaaaaá ser feliz pq merecemos sim!!!!💕 amor verdadeiro, luz, paz e muuuito bom senso pra todos nós sempre💚

boraaaaá iluminaaaaar!!!🌟👐🌟👐🌟 #pazdeespirito #renovacao #energiapositiva #minutosdesabedoria #energia #feliz #mentalize #eumeamo #bonspensamentos #palavrasdeluz #sol #energia #diatop #gratidao #luz #amorproprio #goodvibes #gratitude #leidaatraçao #melhortododia #osegredo #superacao #leidaatraçaofuncionasim
#espalhandoamor #espalhandopaz #espalhandoluz #sermelhorsempre #gratidaoportudo

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Morning boost :

stop chasing money. you won't catch it. chase knowledge. instead of filling up your mind with useless information from tv shows like keeping up with the kardashians, go and read all about your field. know more about your field than anyone and money will chase you.

don't rent big a house to impress people, when you don't own even a small house as investment. impressing is the enemy of investing. the purpose of wealth is to defend you during your emergency, not to impress others with your unaffordable luxury.

good morning. wishing you a lovely weekend. #lawofattraction #love #lightworker #inspiration #selflove #motivation #energy #enlightenment #awakening #loveandlight #positivevibes #spirituality #consciousness #thesecret #universe #manifestation #gratitude #goodvibes #higherconsciousness #meditation #intuition #thirdeye #abundance #spiritualawakening #life #inspirationalquotes #mindfulness #crystals #spiritual 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

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We’ve been very fortunate to get some beautiful spring rain over the past couple of weeks here in central victoria. grateful for every drop!
#riverbendblueberries #blueberry #glenlyon #springrain #gratitude

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Last night official launch of practical zen yoga, dvd’s and digital download classes. thank you so much, what an amazing team. everything’s available from amazon and from the zenways website. #gratitude #zenways #zen #oracticalzen #practicalzenyoga #yoga #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #yogateachertrai i g #yogaeveryday #yogaposes #yogaeveryday #daizan #londonzen #zenlondon #yogapractice #practicalzenyoga

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When your going through harder times it’s hard to see the why? why is this happening. instead of asking why is this happening to me. turn it around and say why is this happening for me? everything is preparing you for what you have asked for you.
know that you will look back and be grateful that those times made you who you are today.
stay strong and keep growing yourself to the best version of you.
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