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Amen! ✋ new deals for everything christian from the link in our 👉 bio.
have a blessed day!

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I want to thank @radixdance for such an amazing weekend and thanks to all the faculty for pushing me to be the best i can be.❤️

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sunday sermon notes @desiringgod & @johnstephenpiper

we were traveling for my son’s soccer tournament, so this week’s sermon was a podcast with the family on our way home...john piper’s “make your life count: the greatest missions letter ever written” on romans.

so many takeaways, but the close got me...

“we didn’t urge you to come to this conference to make your life easier. but to make your life count.
don’t waste it on superficial things. grow deep....give yourself unreservedly to what really matters. take hold of life, which is life indeed. turn off the television. shut down your video games. why should mere man choreograph your life?
go deep with god. be much alone with him and with the most radical christians you can find. memorize romans 8, and make it the charter of your life. preach this to yourself every day....”

so...who wants to memorize romans 8 with me during lent?

let’s do this! let’s saturate our mind with scripture at the level it takes to memorize it...carefully examining each and every word! i’m so excited! please join me. and because enneagram 3 😋, i’ve posted lots of resources on the blog...one-pager to print out copies to keep everywhere, memory plan (with space to read and write out romans 8 in manageable chucks), study guide links, and more in the works! link in profile!

who is in? 🧡

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We often think that with age comes wisdom, however for me, my wisdom, my breakthrough and my moment came from a 28 pound little burst of sunlight. she showed me that loving unconditionally, being given a new clean slate every day and compassion are always there and that grace truly exists! my audy cat healed me. #artistsoninstagram #grace #gratitude #lifecoach #lifestyle #girlpower #hippie #muscle #girlboss #motivation #motivationalquotes #thestruggleisreal #selfcare #selflove #writersofinstagram #writing #namaste #positivevibes #positivethinking #lawofattraction #poet #healthylifestyle #fitness #love #fight #raleigh #yogi #12steps #yoga #art

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Amen! ✋ new deals for everything christian from the link in our 👉 bio.
have a blessed day!

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