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If i’m gonna spend $180 on a bikini, i better start going to the beach more 😒 *only slightly regretting this* but i bought it as a pre-reward for reaching my 148# goal for competition weight. .
never mind that i just gained back 5 pounds since my grandma’s been here visiting me and eating dessert every single day lmfao. .
so anyways here are my current measurements/ check-ins:
weight- 156.6 (even tho i should be at 150 l***o — only reason i’m not worried about tracking this week w/ family is because i’m in the middle of marathon training)
arm- 12.25
waist- 29
hips- 35
glutes- 40.5
thigh- 24.15
i’m trying to not compare to my bikini comp measurements because i want a more bad a*s look than my show days, but i definitely find myself constantly comparing to them anyways. ideally i’ll just be less of a chunky potato in my waist and more of a chunky potato in my legs and back. 😈😝 i’d like the numbers to look more like 11.5 / 26 / 32 / 40 / 22 @ 148 and ~18% bf.

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What are your goals for building your physique? do you have a specific weight that you want to be able to obtain? is it a certain look? shredded, hard, soft, full?
also, are your goals something that you truly want, or something that is popular in society. let’s say you’re trying to build your physique (man or woman) and you compete. would you chase the physique that society/ or the judges reward for having? although it’s not something you desire? let’s say you can win 1st by conforming to their vision, but it isn’t something that you want 100%
would you do that? or would you chase your own goals (still competing) and not get awarded a good placing because it doesn’t line up with their terms?
i see too many people chasing certain categories in the fitness world. is it because that’s what you truly want or because it’s the popular opinion? don’t limit yourself to a category. build your body the way you want it to look.
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Despite that i almost failed 315 again on bench in front of like 20 people , it’s was a good chest session today 🙏🏼

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The best vision is insight.
heavy top and camo joggers drop tomorrow 8pm et. #goldenaesthetics
made in los angeles.

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#throwbackthursday 🔥
from last prep with my brother in iron @gonzalogoy , who btw is not training with me anymore as he has his new men’s physique training split💅

do you want to see us training together again? type yes and mention him in the comments to see if we get him to train legs with me!
#tbt 🔥
de mi ultima preparación con mi brother in iron @gonzalogoy , que no está entrenando más conmigo porque tiene su nuevo split y rutina de men’s physique💅

quieren vernos entrenar juntos de nuevo? escriban si y menciónenlo en los comentarios a ver si logramos que vuelva a entrenar piernas conmigo!

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Resting pout face 2019🙄lol

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Stretchy camo jacket and black denim made it back. link in the bio.
made in los angeles. #goldenaesthetics

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Your boy had to go through surgery today. i honestly wasn’t nervous at all, just p****d that i had to fast from last night to today, and also couldn’t train. so the doctor said i also can’t lift for the next 7 days, so that’s fun. the only good thing about this is that i was prescribed percocet, if you could even call that good. all in all, today was shitty.

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Bulk or cut. what phase are you in? i miss chest pump like crazy. #goldenaesthetics #gymlife

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