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Only wave i’m ridin is god’s #godsplan

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So i am beyond excited and blessed! i feel like jumping out of my skin..... okay let me calm down and tell y'all why. i follow a page on instagram called silk press masters. they have gorgeous hair silk presses and hair color transformations on there. and for months i was getting so frustrated because i would tag them in my photos and they would never post any of my pictures or videos, and i felt like my hair transformations were just as good as other folks on there page. then in april.... 2 of my columbus clients @baedri_knows_best & @karizma_xo revamped my instagram page and told me about tagging different folks and products when i posted hair videos and by may...... silk press masters started posting my work. then tonight i happened to go on their ig story and seen they had posted some more of my work. i'm beyond grateful! i love my job y'all. it amazes me how god blesses me to be able to provide for my family by doing the job that brings me joy. shout out to lexi, kristin grimsley kirby, imani robinson, dana wilcox, diamond bryd-hall, gina lynn, stacey stevens, shenise peterson, meera conley, stacey dickey, ashley nichole and keena woods for trusting me with your hair or your daughter's hair..... and shout out to keaten for getting over 30,000 views on her silk press reveal. #godsplan #histimingiseverything #coiffureshairitis #morehair #naturalhair #silkpress #halloffamecityhairstylist #silkpressmasters #designessentials #agaveandlavender #cricketfrictionfree

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This verse stood out to me when i was reading psalms because sometimes we need to be jesus to each other ❤
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#godsplan #amen ✨🙏

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God's work

first of all who playing ty dolla/@lecrae
song blessings in the middle of the day??? secondly i know everything happens for a reason. after hearing the song i handed out all my chicken started to drive home and seen two more dudes needing food so i stopped at little caesar's grab two pizzas gave them one to share. now on my way home i'm asking god please lord let me make it home with this last pizza to feed my kids lol😌😌🙏🙏🙏
psalm 37:25 (i once was young and now i am old, but i have not seen a righteous person forsaken or his children begging for bread.) i say we all his children💯
i fed 7 people from the store to the house.
#godswork #feedtheneedy
#thefutureisours #godsplan

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If i had a genie and was granted 3 wishes, i would only need 1. to bring you back. i would do anything to hold you one more time. to kiss you one more time. to smell you one more time. to look into your eyes one more time. just one more time is all i ask 😭 it’s not fair. life isn’t fair. but i know god has a plan. he makes beauty from our ashes.
for i know the plans i have for you,” declares the lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

btw...are these not the most kissable lips you’ve ever seen?!💋😍💙👼🏻 #alwayshavefaith #godsplan #infantloss #inspiration #motivationmonday #angelbaby #mommytoanangel #zacharysjourney #alexajeanpresets

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Future so bright 😎😜 can’t help but be thankful for where i’m at this year compared to last year! surround yourself with positive people and take control of your life. life is too short to spend it doing something we hate or to spend it around people that make us doubt ourselves. those disservices are actually just favors in disguise... learn from it and grow from it.

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#godsplan 🙏🏽🙌🏽❤️

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Hi everyone, mostly hi mami silioti sekeni nusi & teti

just wanted to give you a quick update! i have 5 hours left in la & then we are headed to london ❣️ first time traveling out of country and i miss my parents ❤️ family & friends, please continue to keep me and the others traveling in your prayers, this is only the beginning‼️ #godsplan
ps. i hope you enjoy this picture of me looking amohe & fie kaia 😂 koe ai pe ke oua ilo ae kau palangi 😂 love you all 😘❣️ mate he ofa atu ka koe mom & dad ❤️ south africa, here i come!

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