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Manifestation climatique générale du #24mai .
sûrement plus petite que celle du #15mars mais géniale tout de même :)
on vous attend tous à la prochaine;)
et merci à tous ceux qui sont venus, on avance lentement mais c’est le seul moyen, une révolution ne se fait pas du jour au lendemain malheureusement.
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today, i would like to talk about a subject that is important to me.
this post is not what i usually post, but i had to do it. i don’t know how to edit, but i don’t need any artifice to show how much we are destroying the earth, on which we live. many posts were done and i think you understood, but things don’t change, and despite everything i wanted to participate. i'm not here to give morals, i just want to share my desire to move forward and make things progress. i am soon of age, and the idea of ​​leaving a planet like this to my children, or my grandchildren terrifies me. if you are still reading this, know that you can make the difference, and that you owe it. some small efforts can change big things, and if we don’t, if 12 years are not enough to change things, we will have destroyed the only thing left to us, our planet.
please share this!
thank you for reading this, xx

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[please repost on your story]
”hundreds of thousands of children around the world have been school striking around and i think that’s amazing, it’s worth it”
it’s supposed to say “our planet will”
climate change is now and we only have 12 years to stop it. if we haven’t slowed down global warming in 12 years the earth, our only home will most certainly be beyond saving. that’s why we have to act, and have to act now.
this friday on may 24th, children around the world will be school striking for the climate. us children can’t do much to stop the climate change since we can’t vote and therefore we strike. and we will continue striking until leaders around the world start acting against climate change and global warming.
you can find you closest climate strike or start one in your city at fridaysforfuture.com and also find information there or on @fridaysforfuture
thank you for watching and reading
also, this has no watermark so don’t steal it.

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Global warming is real ~trust me~
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This is serious and it’s happening rn
repost on story plz or share
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im not saying we have 12 years left to live. im saying we have 12 years to limit or prevent permanent damages look it up!! stop hating this is for awareness!!
dt: everyone
ac: @wolfhardaudios

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