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Exhibit a: rosemary breaks world record for longest duration 350lb squat (pr) on her second attempt
exhibit b: rosemary is a p***y and f***s up first 350lb attempt
# today sucked. really sucked. i’ve almost always lifted alone but it’s days like today that make me really miss the atmosphere and support that you get when training at a real gym. such is life though. on to the next one.
# it’s fine. i’m fine. everything is #fine.

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I thought i’d try something a little different in between my working sets πŸ˜‚
took me 3 times but got it up πŸ˜‚
first time trying 40kg log press! very technical but so much fun 😊 #cardio
thanks @coach_.mitch
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Another day, another workout. 3x3 bench at 115lbs. getting back on the gain train πŸ‘»

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The crop tee πŸ–€
we will be restocking these in black, along with a few other exciting ones this week πŸ˜‰
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Pause deadlifts are hard and i can’t count to 2 🀷🏻‍♀️

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Something yummy is coming 🀀
tonight we'll share sneak peeks of this week's release in our story!
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341.7lbs. woke up with cold, worked 10hrs, and then hit this single that ties my raw squat meet pr in a lower weight class. taking my wins where i can😌 #lesssgettttitttt. @nathan_brandhorst

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