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🎉🎁g i v e a w a y 🎁🎉
ik ben heel enthousiast om jullie te vertellen dat ik ga samenwerken met het super toffe merk sony.😊
🎊om dit leuke nieuws te vieren mag ik een super leuke give-a-away doen. wil jij kans maken op een sony wh-h900n wireless headphone?🎧 dit is wat je moet doen:
1️⃣volg @sonynederland en mij @sarina.fit op instagram
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3️⃣laat mij in een comment onder deze foto weten waarom jij deze headphone moet winnen 🏆de winnaar van de give-a-away wordt maandag 27 mei bekend gemaakt. wie weet win jij wel die toffe headphone! 🤗❤️
💻meer over de samenwerking met sony in een nieuw artikel op mijn website www.sarinafit.com (link in bio 👆🏻)

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I know i’m on the right path, because things stopped being easy💯
when i was growing up, i didn’t get to have the normal life of a child or a teenager. in a nutshell, i didn’t start to feel normal until about the age of 19-20 years old when we moved away from my father and we started to discover ourselves.
looking back on everything i have been through in my life, i used to pray that my life would get easier. i realized that the easier road doesn’t build you, or make you stronger.

i may not have had a “normal” life growing up, but going through difficult times helped build my character, resilience and faith. helped build my work ethic, my purpose and passion. as i study successful entrepreneurs their stories aren’t far off either.

instead i started praying that i could become stronger, more courageous and to love myself more.

the difficult path often isn’t crowded.
the easy path won’t give you much resistance or difficultly but your life won’t be great.
the more i grow, the more i realize that these experiences are all a blessing in disguise to bring something bigger into the future. either for me, a loved one, or someone you can inspire along the way.

one of the biggest lessons i’ve learned is to trust yourself. forget the voice in your head that breeds negative voices. trust your intuition, believe in yourself that you are capable, worthy and unique.
change is scary, growth is scary, but nothing is more scary is being in a place where you don’t belong.
make the experiences make you, not break you. that’s all for now.
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If you get to the top of the mountain 🧗🏿‍♂️, find a bigger mountain! ⛰ 📸 : @portraits.by.winston behind the lens

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The pain of regret is far worse than the pain of discipline! a new day is a new chance to brake barriers so let’s go!🔥

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guten morgen meine süßen ❤️
ich wünsche euch einen schönen mittwoch 💋

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Fueled by copious amounts of sushi & snacks. 🍣

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