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What is ur best childhood memory? what did you love to do? your kids might enjoy what you loved. how about rekindling the memories with them? .
i was an outdoor child. i was outside in the woods, fields and trees with animals, plants. when my kids were young i used to bring them on adventures through fields and up mountains. they loved it❤

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How a place transforms depending on a season! it's definitely not inviting us for a swim, but is ok if we just hang out and empty our thoughts onto the wind. 💨
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The most beautiful 360degree views of the olympic mountains, the straight of juan de fuca, victoria bc, and the pacific ocean!🙌🏻🖤....

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Most beautiful day yesterday hiking hurricane ridge with this beauty by my side......the pnw is 👌🏻

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Have you enrolled yet?
i love how so many of you are registering for spiritual kids the moment after purchasing this bundle... thank you!!
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Only lazy people take breaks.
i had this idea on repeat in the background of my life for so long.
i couldn’t allow myself to fully relax or enjoy the peace that can only come from stillness.
your worth is not measured by your productivity.
you can take a break.
it’s productive to rest.
it’s okay to take time for yourself, even if you’re a mom.
especially if you’re a mom.
you don’t have to hustle to feel good about yourself.
it’s in the energy of sitting back and doing less that you learn the energy of being more, feeling like you’re enough just as you are.
take some time for you. you’ve earned it. that laundry can wait.

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I hope one day to find someone that looks at me the way noni looks at her dad.

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This beautiful stack right here... *swooning* tag to shop these baltic amber bracelets for mama ❤️🌿
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Part 2 🐚🌱🐍🐒🐾🐈🐇🐿🦌🦊🐭🐧 with all the time spent in front of screens and telling children to sit still, avoid climbing and stop jumping and a lack of conversation, it’s not surprising why kids are distracted, frustrated, in need of support and cuddles.
proprioception - is what tells you where your body parts are without having to look at them. this is the sense that helps you make sense of gravity. it’s the reason you can switch from the gas pedal to the brake without looking at your feet, or bring popcorn to your mouth without taking your eyes off the movie screen.

without properly developed proprioception, children can push too hard during tag for example, drop/knock over things, fall out of their seats, or trip while walking up stairs. (you’ll see this a lot in toddlers as they develop proprioception, but you should see it less and less in kids ages 4, 5, 6 and beyond). a few ways we can support our child’s proprioceptive input:
🐻carrying or lifting boxes.
🐨pushing or pulling a wagon.
🐶rake leaves.
🐺shovel snow.
🐵pick up and put down heavy sticks.
🐮dig in the dirt.
🐠carry buckets of sand or water.
🐹give hugs.
🐰knead playdoh
🐘jump on a trampoline.
🐼chewing on something
🦀squeezing a stress ball
🐙playing tug-o-war with a stretchy band
🐯build a fort.

children know innately what they need. children with healthy neurological systems naturally seek out the sensory input they need on their own. they do this without thinking about it.

when they jump, swing, spin, climb or dig in the dirt, kids are doing 
exactly what they need. they aren’t intentionally doing it to get hurt, act rambunctiously, worry us or get messy.
they are doing it to help themselves become safer, calmer and happier children.
like dr. tina bryson says , “you can trust development"
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🐌 come vi ho raccontato nelle stories la giornata oggi è stata piuttosto frenetica, ma il tempo per fermarsi un secondo ad ammirare la meraviglia che la natura ci regala lo abbiamo trovato ! (accompagnata dalla paura che l emy la schiacciasse, invece nessun incidente💪🏻) .

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Baby angel is now 13 months old. shes still in 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes, she’s crawling everywhere and learning to pull herself up. she’s eating a bit more, but still boobing loads. she’s yet to sleep through the night, and she’s babbling a lot more. she’s fascinated by nanny and grandads dog ruby, and likes lots of cuddles in the morning.
on a different note, today has been horrific. she had her jabs which was awful, had a long sleep and then cried for the rest of the afternoon. i managed to get some calpol into her, and then she vommed it up everywhere. she’s finally asleep now, but we haven’t managed to get anymore medicine in her. it’s so horrible seeing your little one poorly.

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They grow up so fast, have you heard that one before😂😂😂when a family chooses homeschooling, they end up spending twice amount of time with their children as do parents who choose daycare, preschool and school for their children. what a precious gift! well...they still grow up fast...but not ✨quite✨as fast—because of all the togetherness, slow time, family time, connection, and more. my lovely 15 yr old here is in high school now, and time is flying because i barely see her anymore, i miss her humor and insight (and help around the house lol!)...i can only give thanks for all the sweet slow time we shared in her first 14 years—always together, better together. isn’t a solid foundation and connection built with down time, intentional presence? how can you slow it down and be present to your loved ones today? don’t put it off, don’t prioritize social media, email or errands over your real time connections, yeah? perhaps a walk in nature, reading a lovely book together, enjoying the sunset or drawing silly pictures together? #raisethemwild #unschooling #daughters #positivevibes #naturalmama #veganfamily #noscreens #slowdown #mindfulparenting #rawvegan #mauilife #momof3 #gentleparenting #getoutside #lovemydaughter #bepresent

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