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Back from my eu trip! i’ve missed regular streams sooooo much! will be live at 4 pm cst today and we get back on schedule tomorrow :) see y’all there! •

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Os tempos mudaram, mas ela permanece sempre a rainha dos games.

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Happy easter 🐰💐 we enjoyed seeing our girls hunt for eggs 😂 plus they have the cutest outfits on! enjoy your family! and have this photo of the cutest bunny miku! .
i don’t know how the pros upload photos taken with their dslr without losing much quality here. i salut you.

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tpr shadow wolf (@gtavmeetz )
xbox one online
weekly friday meet rules:
• respect our crew members.
• we be in game chat.
• if your mic echos mute it.
(or you will be muted)
• dont k**l others.
• dont park like a ass, park as told.
(meaning park straight)
• always follow instructions host gives.
• be chill/behave yourself.
• dont bring cars/bikes with weapons.
(no arena cars, *3502 is allowed*)
• no guns/planes/crashing.
• when crusing leave space.
(dont tailgate and dont crash ppl)
• no passing while we cruse.
(stay behind the same person.
• make sure you follow the theme.
(dont bring anything we dont allow)
• dont bring cops.
(call them off or go away)
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