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The person that made him feel something ac. in.touched / dt. @reignstelena & @woahstefan ― stelena will forever hold a place in my heart

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I can’t wait for summer ☀️

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Did you ship them? i kinda did back in season 1 but then i started to think of them as brother and sister and s**t got awkwaaard (just so i’m clear, i’m a jackie and hyde die-hard fan, don’t get me wrong)

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Maddieee🦋 #omgpage dt. @lola.aep ib. @ecstasyloren heheheh

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. - [ ] ➥ we all knew elena always loved stefan | 🤣 - cr. toxicstefan

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She's so cute ; cr to me !!

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. happy early birthday liv @hotregbo ty for being an amazing friend ily thank you for always being aesthetic and there for me ❤️ enjoy this video of your fav this is so bad i’m so sorry liv ac: kuteaudios [#citygrp #coruscategrp #serpentsgrp] #omgpage #omledit #lilireinhart #bettycooper #riverdale #camilamendes #varchie #veronicalodge #gaintrick

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Is typing... {🍧} fc;; 3,365 - this is kinda early but nevermind

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Nada sucede por casualidad, en el fondo las cosas tienen su plan secreto aunque nosotros no lo entendamos. (julieta te gustan los fondos relacionados con naturaleza? no narnia)

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🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 motley crue baby

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Unedited stars (white thing is a cloud) ((taken by me)) ⭐️🌲☁️ #astrophotography

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Bts are the best artists out there period

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This is like really random but i love billie eilish she can also f**k me in the asshole

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Decided to make a #youtube channel today 🤷🏽‍♀️ go #subscribe ✔️first video is super trash i was ugly 😂 but tomorrow’s will be better 🤗 #gaintrick #gainpost #explore #new #support #follow #followtrain

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Lmao hell yeah 🇲🇽🤪🤟🏽 - follow (me) @sobdanny for more 👀 - tag 3 friends to win a 2k account picking winners tonight❗️ -

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Who would want this account? it’s really hard to maintain so many - #arianagrande #accountgiveaway #gainpost #gaintrick

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Bad quality pictures but a high quality friendship🌚🌙 - #brynzie #brynnrumfallo #kenzieziegler @kenzieziegler #mackenzieziegler

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Her happiness is my world.

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