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Me: alexa, what’s the temperature outside?
alexa: right now, it’s 5 degrees. today, expect a high of 21 degrees.
me: alexa, remind me what summer feels like... 扒徉儭

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Because being “full of yourself” is far more worth being “over yourself...” or “below yourself!” fill yourself up! you do it!
you are the greatest project you will ever work on. 踢劾
#freeandbold #fullofmyself #goddess #beconfident #justbecause you exist and you are beautiful.

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When your outfit matches the holly.
no regrets. 弘
i love this time of year when storefronts come alive and city streets look a little more festive and magical. i know the debate is on about decorating for christmas before thanksgiving, but who doesn’t love twinkle lights and cheerful music for a little longer than necessary?!
it’s thanksgiving week, and i’m feeling thankful for a fun weekend spent with family and friends and a week ahead filled with even more gatherings. i hope you find the blessings, not just today or this week, but everyday, and feel thankful too.

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are you an outspoken person?
are you bold enough?
are you against social stigmas, and labeling?
i understand you, and i'm just like you.
check my apparels that speak my opinions and probably yours.

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"women with short hair are really beautiful, there's something liberating about freeing yourself from the normal" #shorthair#shortcut#punestyle#freeandbold#toniandguystyle#summerlook#stylechange# #@vanimasih #

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“at the age of six i wanted to be a cook. at seven, i wanted to be napoleon. and my ambition has been growing steadily ever since.”-salvador dali
to live in a world where you can be anything you want to be, now that’s beautiful. to change course with your passions as swiftly as the wind...as long as your heart is in alignment with your motivation, anything is possible. we are all a multitude of things compiled into one body, and to not share our gifts would be a disservice to so many. be an anomaly. do the world a favor, and just be you.
i have been lucky to find some people in the creative field who like me, want to share their passions and art. @amandavickcreative is a traveling photographer based in wisconsin and she just launched some awesome presets that are worth checking out- i personally love how she took my darker photo and made it light and creamy! all the presets are named after vintage candies that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for sweet imagery! check out her work and send some love!

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