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When you ask your parents for the new @ford gt, and thu roll up with this

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Found ourselves inside the @ford gt design studio! today they allowed us to take the first pictures ever of that space! we picked up our own gts, but sadly they were made of styrofoam 😒 @naiasdetroit #fordnaias #talkwithford #ad

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1) if you live in detroit, i am gonna be at the auto show tomorrow & saturday hosting for ford! 2) i am stealing @colesigmon puppy! 😍 #fordnaias

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Innovation, by design. pre-production model shown. available late 2016. #fordperformance #fordgt #fordnaias #supercar #naias

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Posted up next to the new @ford gt with the squad. @naiasdetroit #fordnaias #talkwithford #ad

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Exploring the @ford auto show at @naiasdetroit! there's so much to see! 🤓🚗💃🏼 #fordnaias #talkwithford #ad

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I'm standing in the super secret room where the new @ford gt was designed & this model is made out of clay, yall!!!! what???!!! @naiasdetroit #fordnaias #talkwithford #ad

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Meet the all-new 2017 #ford #f150 #raptor supercrew. built for ultra-high-performance off-road driving. #fordnaias

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One of the highlights from my @bconnectedconference weekend was getting to see @ask_mamamoe, who i hadn't seen since we did #fordnaias together in detroit over three years ago. there are people who leave an impression on you regardless of how much time you spend together, and julia's one of those people. she's super-nice and easy to talk to, qualities sometimes found in short supply in this #bloggerlife. i'm grateful that i got to spend some hours chatting with her. photo credit to @mostafagraphy!

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This is from the auto show. we were in a racing simulator. totally forgot there was a camera in there; not my proudest selfie. 😶 but kelly's a good driver. if i ever need to rob a bank, i'm calling her first. and look who photobombed from 20 feet away. that is precision! #fordnaias #autoshow

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