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✨⚡️love to hear your name suggestions. drop one 👇in the comments. ⚡️✨ 3’x4’ • resin on birch
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This is what i have been working on for the last few weeks. it was inspired by a number of artists, @indigoimpressions , @the_art_evolutionary, and @claire_desjardins_art, just to mention a few.😍 it’s not finished yet but almost! canvas - 30x40 inch #paintpouring #floetrol #triart #liquitex #turquoisepainting #bluepainting #acrylicflow #acrylicpouring #acrylicpainting #fluidart #fluidartist #fluidart_daily #fluidacrylic #fluidpour #fluidpainting #decor #dirtypour #flipcup #artteacher #pouringpaint #fluidgallery #liquidart #pourpainting #currysartstore #flowart #cells #showmeyouredges

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Archer is checking out my newest painting. i’ve been wanting to do a bat for a long time. this isn’t finished yet. i got a lot done because we spent 3 hours listening to the 4th harry potter last night while the whole family crafted.

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ahhh autumn 😌 my favorite season! falling leaves have always been inspiring. 🙌🏼 hikes through brightly colored trees could not bring my soul more peace. i look forward every year to witnessing the process of natural change and i have built a life around the lessons i’ve learned in autumn:

fall reminds me we don’t fall we can float gracefully. change is inevitable. endings feed the rebirth of your soul and the winds can be used as guidance in a direction of new life. the cycle continues, ending, beginning and ending again.

autumn in #newengland has taught me:
i want to live like i have nothing to lose.
and love ❤️ like i have nothing to gain.
and run 🏃🏼‍♀️ like i have nothing to chase.
and dream 🧐 like everything is possible.
i wanna speak like i have nothing to fear.
and look 👀 in your eyes like
i have nothing to hide 🙈.
and dance 💃🏼 like i have nothing to worry about.
and embrace being alive like i only have today.
i wanna kiss 💋 like tomorrow may never come.
and say i love you like i've never been hurt.
and trust the way like i've never been lost 👣.
and realize my yesterdays are truly forgotten.
i wanna spread my wings 🦅 like
i've never fallen short.
and open my heart wide like
i've never doubted at all.
and burst into the bright mornings ☀️ of possibility like i've never failed.
and breathe in my soul 🧘🏼‍♀️ like
i am born again in each and every new moment.

because we are. because we all are.
and in that, choose to live now always. it’s the only moment we will ever have to be fully ourselves.

🤘🏼❤️ #liveoutoflove
#autumnvibes #universallaw #bethechange

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