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A perfect thursday ⚾️ thank you @thecopleygroup for the amazing seats

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Homemade sweet potato chips:⁣

are you a big snacker like me but are searching for a healthier alternative?! these are for you!! they’re super affordable to make, easier than having to buy your own!⁣
i actually chose to make these because i randomly found a mandolin in my kitchen and wanted to put it to use!⁣
what you need:⁣
• 1 sweet potato ⁣
• coconut oil spray [ i use @chosenfoods] ⁣
• salt⁣
• pepper ⁣
• garlic powder ⁣
• rosemary ⁣
to do: ⁣
• preheat oven to 300⁣
• slice sweet potato in thin rounds, be as even as possible if using a knife ⁣
• toss in coconut oil and seasonings ⁣
• lay on a lined baking sheet spread apart⁣
• bake for 25 minutes⁣
• enjoy!⁣

this took almost no time and they are so tasty! i served mine with guacamole and it was a bombbbbb combo 🙌🏼✨ save this to your collections! i would love to see you recreate! have an amazing thursday my babeeees💖 #whattthehealth

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It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily gym routine that at times we often neglect what mother nature has to offer us outside. i used to feel that if i missed a day at the gym with weight training that everything was going to fall apart 😆 so naive and stuck with comfort... i’ve made it more of a conscious effort to start incorporating outside activities for workouts, especially living in the pnw and the lack of vitamin d we often get, and to just enjoy life.
so today i hiked the manitou incline in some clean, crisp air, got a free dose of vitamin d, and pushed that mental fortitude in an entirely different way. having done this hike and run before, it was still just as challenging and 48 minutes of mental push and s*****g major wind! and loved every second of it... i challenge you all to be open minded today and partake in a new activity 💕 .
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Du darfst noch einmal „cheaten“. was würdest du essen? 🧐 save sushi und eis 🙃 #lasttime
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Juhu, #bergfest 🤗 nach uni und sport ist der mittwoch jetzt geschafft und heute abend wird nur noch die bachelorette geschaut 🙈 ich wünsche euch einen schönen und erholsamen abend 💓
nicht vergessen: mit dem code "vici10" könnt ihr 10% auf eure bestellung bei @gymqueen.de sparen 👑
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✨some people look for a beautiful place. others make a place beautiful✨

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You are a limited edition.

yes, i am speaking to you, boo!
it can be really difficult to think of ourselves in this way, but i want to remind you that there is no one like you! no one has the unique traits and characteristics you possess. and most importantly - your journey through life is uniquely yours.
as for me - yup, this jumpsuit obsessed trini girl is one of a kind. my life and my unique story cannot be duplicated and i will not choose to duplicate another.
as for you...
i challenge you embrace how special you are (give yourself a big ol hug if you have to!). recognize that you interact with the world in your own individual way. the way you attack a problem, get over a hurdle, triumph in the face of adversity…these are all ways you are a limited edition!
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Just monkeying around 🐒 working out whilst on holiday can be so difficult 😬the new environment can be a challenge but mainly lack of motivation is what is going to halt your workouts😴
now this isn’t a caption about how to break through that lack of motivation, oh no. this is a caption to tell you that mid workout yesterday, i stopped what i was doing, put my weights away, left the gym and went to the fast food restaurant across the road 🙈🙈it’s not my finest moment i admit but those curly fries were so worth it 😂
when i set out for my holiday i set myself the goal of going to the gym three times a week and so far i’ve done that, if not more ✅ i’m happy with my progress and i’m enjoying my holiday. with less than two weeks left i am starting to miss a routine and actually looking forward to being back in one. but for now i’m going to relax, listen to the ocean waves and let the sun turn me into a tomato 🍅😂 have a wonderful day everyone ☀️

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You know when you wake up, and you just simply feel grateful. i can’t help but feel that way every morning when these little ones climb into bed to cuddle.
life isn’t perfect, and has sure taken a different direction than i ever thought it would. there are still lots of challenging things, but there’s more to be grateful for - like my babes, our health, and you guys.
thanks for being here, for supporting us, teaching me, and letting us share little snippets of our lives 😘

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