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I put on this tank today without a second thought, then caught myself in the mirror and thought.... woah.
you see because this left pic is from june and the pic on the right is from about 15 minutes ago. i have no idea the scale difference between the two but i’m looking at:
a) this top used to be sooooo tight but i loved the color so i rocked it anyway!
b) holy confidence, girlfriend 😍
just take this from me, and i mean it in the most honest & loving way...
if you are using a number on the scale as a main source of measuring your success, you are selling yourself short in more ways than one.
celebrate the smiles. celebrate the extra reps. celebrate the baggy tanks.

celebrate a happier life. 🖤

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👈👈read it again. 👈👈 .
going to leave this right here the next time you place more value on someone else’s opinion when they take the time out of their day to criticize you... ask yourself... would i take advice from this person?

if not... keep it moving.

we don’t need the opinion or validation from others.

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October 2018 - may 2019.

some people think they will never see any progress unless they workout at a gym; i’m here to say you’re wrong. i work out in my own home and get amazing results! 💪🏼 i’m officially down 89 pounds since my heaviest weight (not pictured here believe it or not) and i am so incredibly proud of the progress i’ve made.

if you’re looking to make a lasting & sustainable lifestyle change, let’s talk girlfriend. now is the time to change your life! 🙌🏼

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I’m bringing sexy back.... because the back of my outfit today was the bomb.

i go to the gym dressed according to my mood.
i go hard and i dress cute to the gym.
anybody who says the two can’t be done is silly.

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From henceforth on i shall be referring to pilates as "porn-lates" after viewing this video. bwahaha. ok, i wont but i think its pretty appropriate.

i took my third pilates class today and loved it.

updates for you:
1. if you have a larger body like mine and your studio uses cadillac reformers, use one!! it makes all the difference and has a wider bed, wider shoulder pads, and it's easier to get to the straps. also the extra bars will help you modify.

2. dont be scared to keep modifying. ask the teacher, "what is the most important part of this exercise?" this way you can edit accordingly. for example, is it more important the legs stay straight or come together? if they need to come together i have to bend them a bit, if they need to stay straight, i have to open them more.

3. try it once. try it twice. try it there times. this is with anything new. give yourself chance before you make an opinion.

4. i'll be doing pilates ("porn-lates") three times a week and general strength training twice.

big thank you to @corethepilateastudio and to @sammie.mack who was so kind, accommodating and helpful today. if you are in las vegas and can take classes here down on henderson, i will 100% tell you that you will be safe at this studio and with a teacher like sammie.

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🔊 turn the volume up, as i talk about progression. much of what i do when i workout doesn’t come naturally to me. if there was a class on being athletic i would be in remedial. i promise, to get coordinated, do a move correctly, accelerate, and do things dynamically comes with a huge learning curve for me.
initially that was a problem (see yesterday’s post about my attitude transformation) because i was used to excelling at everything right away.
however, now that i am over that, i get so excited when i make progress. i literally clap for myself (wherever i am), call or text my friends, post about it in my ig stories, whatever i feel in the moment. listen, for as hard as i work i am celebrating everything! it also keeps me going...striving for new bests.

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An open letter to tanya gold, writer for uk’s the telegraph article titled ‘obese mannequins are selling women a dangerous lie’: dear tanya,

i am writing with regard to your article, and yes i even signed up for the free trial to read the full version.

while your fear is that the war on obesity is lost, my fear is that the war on humanity and compassion is at far greater loss. you see, while you cannot resonate with the new nike mannequin (thank you, @nike from the bottom of my heart)... i can. “heav(ing) in fat” and all, i can relate completely.

i can relate to being a bigger girl with only options for black leggings and nothing fashionable. i can relate to mediocre (at best) quality for workout wear in my size. i can relate to walking in and out of so many stores my head was spinning only to find sizes small, medium, and large. i’m so “gargantuan” that i should workout? well my options in the past were slim to naked, and that’s not my best look.

you see, the war on obesity is still out there. & i am right alongside you fighting for health. what i think you have lost sight of, though, is the message in general. that this is about inclusivity and not promoting unhealthy habits. i’d argue that a mannequin wearing athletic wear is quite obviously promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. although, it appears that common sense isn’t really all that common.

while that mannequin may not be able to convey emotion or struggle, i’ll do it for you. i have struggled since childhood with weight. i wouldn’t wish what i have gone through mentally or physically on my worst enemy. i work out 5-6 days a week every week, and am more active, fit and in control of my health than i ever have been before. i can out-run, out-burpee, out-squat many people i know who weigh far less than me.

i have been moo-ed off treadmills. laughed at in gyms. & told, “sorry miss, we don’t have anything in your size here,” enough.

i advocate for health and wellness in all aspects. i also advocate for equality and inclusion for all.

my weight has never determined my athleticism nor my compassion. i suggest that you join me on this side of the battle. the grass truly is greener.


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Just imagine the possibilities... #anythingispossible

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