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Cinematographer @magdalenagorkadp | never give up! “this is me - i do what i love. i learn every day, i work hard, i don't whine. i am grateful for what i have and for the opportunities i was given. i want to keep on making good movies, meeting great filmmakers and bringing meaningful stories to the silver screen. thank you fellow women for speaking up 👊🏻 i feel like i can breath again🌥”

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Filmmakers @makavisuals | “tick tick boom! 💣💥
here's a side by side comparison of the actual shot and the behind the scenes footage.”

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Cinematographer @mile9 | “i believe that the only courage anybody ever needs is the courage to follow your own dreams.” oprah winfrey
let’s inspire each other!”
📸 @abarca
produced @gloriaortega .
“it took me more than 8 months to be able to share my biggest most beautiful project....becoming a mom!
i was so scared to say anything because i needed to keep working, more than working i wanted to keep following my dreams and do what i love the most...being a director of photography!
as soon as i found out i was pregnant, all these job opportunities came, all the ones i was waiting for, the ones i dreamed off, and i couldn’t say anything, not even to my whole family and close friends cause i didn’t want any comment to go into social media by mistake. i knew that if i mentioned i was pregnant, or if somebody found out, people would hesitate and most likely wouldn’t give me the job cause i represented a liability issue, and that was the saddest part, hiding her, my biggest love, my miracle, what i feel the most proud of, my all...i kept it really quite cause i have a bigger reason now to keep going on, and give my all to my job, she is my inspiration and my reason to everything, i can’t give up, i want her to feel proud of the mom she has! .
gaffer miles watanabe ac @caseyoberhansli
line producer @helenapapayanopulos
make up artist @abramovicm
hair stylisy @vladimirsimic1
styled by @jlondonostyle @lex0003
hector moreno and panavision that since the beginning of my career have supported me!
to all of them and to everybody - thanks for making this project with me....it was more than what i could have imagined
all the love from mila and mom”

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looks like someone wants to go on an adventure 😁
tag a friend that loves puppies! 🐶
photo by @cnkillingsworth
always #wondermore

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Tap ❤️ if you want more color palettes like this!⁣
"blade runner 2049" (2017)⁣
• directed by denis villeneuve⁣
• cinematography: roger deakins ⁣
• production design: dennis gassner⁣
• costume design: renée april⁣
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Film crew by @lee.klein.50 🎥🎥 we film with @velvetlight_

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Today was dark ♠️
do you like dark colors?
red and black? ♥️♣️
#teamcanon #filmmaking

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