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Summer’s comming up and we’re ready! what about you?
pictured by @adrianpirlet

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Sunshine, blooming flowers and rising water temperatures - spring has finally arrived in switzerland! photo by @doeeme #feelthealps

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⌘ nothing more soothing than watching a sea of fog. #stoos #feelthealps

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Tomorrow i'll be here!
last time i saw this lake without ice, it was the last day of september.
some flowers and two canoes gave illusion it was summer.💫✨
see my second photo ◀️: lake louise webcam this morning 🥺. do you think i‘ll be lucky to see this blue lake in a week? 🤔
you understand that i'm a little sad to see this, but you have to be patient with nature!
it‘s certain that spring will come, we have been waiting for so long.🌼 ( this photo is dedicated to matt @mattmacphersonphoto who lost all his pictures on his hard disk so his photos of lake louise)
#banff#nordik_dreams#montagne_my_life —————————————————————————————-
demain je serai ici ! la dernière fois que j’ai vu ce lac sans glace c’était la dernière journée de septembre. quelques fleurs et 2 canots donnaient encore l’illusion que c’était l’été . ☀️
voyez ma 2e photo◀️ , c’est le webcam du lac louise ce matin😣 .
est ce que vous pensez en voyant cette photo que j’aurai un peu de chance et que je verrai ce lac sans glace d’ici une semaine ? 🤔
vous comprenez que je suis un peu triste de voir ceci mais il faut être patient avec la nature !
il est certain que le printemps viendra , on l’attend depuis tellement longtemps . 🌱🌼
#canadianrockies#beautifuldestinations#travelalberta#banffnationalpark#amongthewild#imagesofcanada#explorecanada @canada @voyaged @living_destinations @teamvane

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