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Suggestions needed: what’s your favourite book?
i’m off to cyprus at the end of next week for 10 blissful days of road tripping, beaches and sunshine. i’ve been super busy recently so i can’t wait.
and this is where you come in because i need a few suggestions for what to read while i’m there. i’m generally a non fiction reader because i’m a nerd, but i’ve also been getting into historical fiction recently which sounds terribly lame but is a great way for a non fiction reader to ease into fiction. but of course i do also indulge in pure fiction sometimes. just not lord of the rings or harry potter. sorry i just can’t do it!
my faves at the moment:
non fiction: prisoners of geography
fiction: i am pilgrim
historical fiction: the woman on the orient express
so over to you... what books do you recommend i should read in cyprus? let me know in the comments.
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Feliz finde! 🌊 happy weekend!
photo by @txema_alonso
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Un día de lluvia y parece que el club náutico va a zarpar ⚓️
a rainy day and it looks as if the club náutico is going to sail.
photo by @gudamendi
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De tener y escuchar.
de abrazarse a la soledad.
se detiene el tiempo.
respiran los amantes.

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Whew! it’s been one month exactly since i last posted and i’m not gonna lie, it felt great not obsessing over ig. i will be making major changes this year and how i document it and i hope you guys understand.

here’s the truth:
👉🏼 i’m back in toronto after spending 5.5 months in europe and settling / adjusting has been an on-going process but i’m loving it.
👉🏼 i truly missed not living out of a suitcase + sleeping in my own bed. i definitely think travel this year will be done a bit differently.
👉🏼 never thought i’d say this but i’m quite burnt out and want to stay close to home as much as possible - taking shorter trips, closer to and around canada.
👉🏼 i also want to show more of toronto this year so will be creating from home which i think will be interesting for you guys to see.

has anyone else felt like this after travelling for an extended amount of time or am i just crazy? 😭

ps: only found it fitting for my comeback post to be a picture of my boo and i, as we just celebrated three years together this past monday. 🥰

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El show que nos brinda la naturaleza 🌊
photo by @eneko_goia
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sansebastian 💙
photo by @nereagomeziza
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Feliz finde! 💨 happy weekend!photo by @nicola_in_transit
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