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This boy. always jumping full-heartedly into anything he does. a month after i told him i *might* think he was cute, he told me that he was madly in love with me. i’m pretty sure i told him that it wasn’t practical to say ‘i love you’ that quick and i didn’t say it back for a year. 🙈 he didn’t care and kept saying it. when i told him that we should take a break for a while during college, just to make sure we were doing the right thing getting so serious, he said ‘you can take a break, sure. i’m not taking a break from you though’
when he proposed, he did it in a foresty grove, with all the love letters we had written each other since 14 years old + he learned how to play the piano so he could sing me a song. when he was 19 years old, still a teenager, he married me. he didn’t have a dime to his name, but he worked so hard to create a life that was beautiful and independent and fun and exciting. he was only a kid, but he put his big heart into our love with everything he had. he worked late and then got up early to spend time with me, making me the center of his world in a way i never knew someone could. at 21, he agreed to my crazy idea of living in a camper + followed me through every state and country my nomadic heart spirited off to. and at 24, he created another little life with me, a sweet girl that reflects his same wholeheartedness in everything she does.
it’s almost our anniversary + i get sentimental in the weeks leading up to it. so here’s a pre-anniversary post. love is grand and wonderful and good. but truly, i’m not sure there are many men like this man. full of life and commitment and honor. i’m so thankful. 💕
we’re doing a live q&a all about relationships this friday! so if you have a question we can answer or talk about, leave it below 👇🌸

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Spent this mother’s day weekend marveling at this view and spending time with the girls at the breathtaking @fairmontwhistlr !! from the most relaxing massage, the most delicious mother’s day brunch to hanging out and taking naps by the picturesque pool it’s honestly been a while since i felt so relaxed!! #katushacotravels #fairmontmoments #secretseason

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Hey guys! libni here, aka sprigs customer service gal🌟 ⠀

i wanted to come here and share my new personal favorite sprigs product! ⠀

elderberry syrup has been a lifesaver for us! my daughter recently started daycare and would come home with a runny nose everyday 😫 since i started giving her elderberry she has been less sick and i’m less stressed ♥️

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When we teach our children to be gracious, we are teaching them:

not to judge but to see themselves as those who extend the supernatural forgiveness of god.

teaching them not to think about themselves but others.

training them to have self-control over their emotions--to choose to be gracious as a part of the values that inform their behavior.

showing them how to face the world as jesus did--not as a legalistic pharisee, but as the servant king.
don't miss yesterday's podcast and blog, grace: the gift that opens hearts, from our 24 family ways. click the link in my profile to listen or read the rest today!
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Strolling around @pinesresort with little zoe❤️ #nature#mountains#basslake#pinesresort#adventures#california#familyadventures#travelblogger#traveling#beautifulnature#view#resort#freshair#mama#mamablogger#newborn#mamaoftwogirls

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My loves. 🥰

recently we were on a double date and i realized half way through the meal one of the reasons i felt so drawn to our friends there with us- they had been through a lot too. there is some deep connection and understanding when you have walked really hard roads. it changes pieces of you. @chriswiegand & i have been through so much side by side and honestly i can’t imagine facing it with anyone else. from finances, to the icu, to 4 nicu babies, 3 miscarriages (4 d&cs bc one had a complication), a closed art studio, a child with an autoimmune, hospital bedrests and more.

thankful he grabbed my hand and faced the storms with me. i came out a different me.

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Mother’s day always feels like a tender time regarding loss & longing. this is represented in so many ways & my heart feels sensitive and aware of the fragile pieces there. it’s always on my mind on mother’s day weekend.
but also reminding people what a special gift they are to me in little ways is one of my favorite things. mother's day is the perfect time to make some of the women in your life feel seen and loved and known. and there might be a woman you know longing to hold their baby or someone missing their own mama. let’s wrap them all up. whether it’s with something homemade, or something you’ve chosen just for them, or a thoughtful note - taking a few minutes to make someone else feel seen and loved is the sweetest gift. i put a few ideas for ya up on the blog 🌷❤️.

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Have you been to ocean park lately?🦀🐟🐙🐡 seen any interesting sea creatures?🐳
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