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I got a lot of messages on my pervious skin post praising me for how strong i am. i just wanted to say that this isn’t always the case 🙅🏻‍♀️ i have super down days, all because of my skin. i have cried more about my skin than i have about anything else ever. i am not always positive about myself and my appearance. i have let my skin stop me from socialising and doing things and i constantly worry about the impact this has on friendships/relationships.
the reason i post about my skin is to try and make it more ‘normal’ - for myself and for others going through a similar thing. you’ve got to try and find some positives in a s****y situation.
strength comes and goes, it’s the people around you that really keep you going 💚

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🌙✨empath vibes✨🌙
being an empath is a gift. we feel more than other people feel. life is about feelings, about emotions, about experience. and as empaths we experience more, feel more, and understand more.

don’t just survive as an empath. own it.💪
tip: 👉 empaths often times absorb too much emotions, thoughts and feelings... make sure your moving your body to get rid of stagnant energy(emotions). exercise, dance, walk, stretch, meditate, deep breathing exercises etc., just move the body! you will feel much better after. ✨💕
.🏷 your empaths!🌪💕
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Build your arms by @trainwithcarsen

looking to build defined arms? here are some arm exercises that target the biceps and triceps. in order to effectively work your arms, it’s important for you to understand the function of the biceps and triceps and how it translates over to these exercises.

biceps - elbow flexion. meaning, shortening the angle at the elbow joint. you should focus on squeezing your bicep to close the gap at your elbow joint. the harder you squeeze it, the more it will grow.

triceps - elbow extension. meaning, extending the elbow joint (straightening the arm). focusing on exercises that straighten the arm while under tension.

the biceps and triceps are comprised of multiple muscle heads (bicep - 2/triceps - 3) so make sure you are working them from different angles to fully work your arms.

tag your arm training buddy below!


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Here is it - another #athomeworkout with the brightest socks i could find (thanks to @underarmourwomen 😊😊). try these simple yet effective moves to get your heart rate up without leaving your house! .
✨sliding squats
✨sliding lunges
✨lunge tucks
✨crossed ankle pike
✨low sliding squats
30 seconds each move; 15 second rest; 5 rounds!
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Looking for a switch up to your workout routine!?! grab a friend and try out this super fun relay!! do each move going down, grab a cone and sprint back. try to do it all under 1 minute!! ⁣
1. broad jump ⁣
2. lateral moving squat jumps
3. crab walk⁣
4. high knees with a plate⁣

tag a friend and get to work!!
thanks @jessimeservy for being my relay buddy!

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⭕️3 push up variations⭕️ _____

post by: @pheasyque
_____ ✅ push-ups will work wonders for your upper body, increasing the muscle size & strength of your overall arm/chest/serratus/core areas - but - of course, if you done right. -
doing push-ups with poor form offers weak results, or worse yet, it could cause an injury that makes any push-up uncomfortable.
push-up form often falls apart at the elbow angle. when you bend your arms to lower into a standard push-up, the elbows should form a 45-degree angle with your torso. this gives you the most power and muscle-building effects for your chest.
decreasing the angle will increase your triceps recruitment, making it an awesome exercise for arm muscles development. if you really want to target your triceps, you could even switch the surface at which your pushing yourself up: try doing them on a medicine ball to isolate & target your triceps more, study shows:
anyway, for a standard push-up, place your hands a little wider than your shoulders and parallel to your armpit line. bend your elbows, and keep them stacked over your wrists. if you bend them out widely so that they come out to the sides of or behind the wrists, you stress the elbow joint and reduce the effectiveness of the exercise, especially for your chest and shoulder activation.
❌ when it comes to injury & improper form, the position you don't want your elbows to assume for push-ups is the excessively wide angles where the elbows point just out to the sides of the room. asides from diminishing the muscles' activation, it put your shoulders and elbows in a potentially injurious & weak position.
a long lever is less stable and less powerful than a short one. when you let your elbows flare out, you compromise your muscle's ability to provide strength.
🔥🔥🔥tag somebody who wants to learn push ups better!

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J u m p • b o a r d ✖️ full body challenge: cardio, arms, legs, core 🔥 keeping stable and focused when all seems to work against it...both the goal for this mornings reformer sesh, and coincidentally, this afternoons dash to the shops for christmas shopping 😂

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My chest is starting to feel better, i've been able to come off the painkillers i was taking and i've been doing some light exercise (mostly lower body) whilst i try and rest my chest. today was the first upper exercise i've done in a week, feel like i'm starting at square one but hopefully will get back to where i was fairly quickly. i've put on a couple kilos because i've been eating like c**p whilst being emotional and feeling sorry for myself, sitting at 74kg and 19% body f*t right now.

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When i'm beating myself up, not hitting goals and not feeling 100% i look back and remember how much i've already done.

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