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Can’t believe how much she’s grown... i was holding back tears while recording this just thinking about where we started, how we used to live and now where we are and i just thank god for everything he’s done for us. my daughters class participated in a benefit concert to raise money for africaislifechanging.org it’s crazy how everyone there was just looking at me like i ain’t belong but i ain’t give a f**k i busted my a*s and risked my life for her to live this life so they can look til they eyes bleed... i love you @savannahtphan thank you lord #blessed #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #myeverything #princessvannah #savannahtphan #savannahphan

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I been trying to think what to say but i keep writing and deleting so ima just say it was time for @savannahtphan to move on to a new school and even though she thought they weren't going to accept her she was accepted to one of the most top elite schools in houston!!! this like gettin into f****n harvard!!!! i had to hold the secret for 2 weeks and it killed me 😂😂😂 but i'm so proud of you princess... you can tell we was both gon cry, you never seem to surprise me with how smart and how amazing you are. you building your platform the way you want and that's all that matters to me. do what makes you happy not what makes you richest or most famous. love yourself and make sure your family eating better then you cause that's what matters... #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #myeverything #princessvannah #shethoughtitwasapaycheck #jimmythoughtitwasherbirthday

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Last time i was on the news it was a top story in beaumont, tx for mdma now i'm on #foxnews for doing something right... a lot of things have changed and the only answer i have as to how or why i got here is cause of god. i stayed in my lane and kept puttin in work. never hated on the next man doing better than me or tried to be better than anyone but the old me. i stayed true to myself and that's all i can really say. my time ain't even now like i've said before give me couple more years you'll really see me then. i'm just another dude from the streets that took an opportunity and ran with it but same time playing my position and doing what i do. let me remind you it's only the second month of the year 😬 thank to all my supporters, lovers especially the ones that seen me grow before the jewelry and all. & much love to my dickriders cause y'all need the most love taking time out your day to go in my page and write the r******d ineligible comments and just to get blocked. keep watching cause ima keep going hard this #doneright s**t won't ever die!!! thanks again to @isiahcareyfox26 for having me on the news. it was worth every dollar i paid him.... thanks to @iceman_nick my partner and other half of #teamdoneright for seeing it in me before i saw it in myself. i love you bro & of course my family that's never judged me and always looked at me as the best at everything without y'all i'd be dead or in federal prison. stay tuned guys the whole world gon get #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #l2h #projectassset #live2hustle #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #fatboythatwasreallyworkinginthetrapboy

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Only woman in this world that can make me fold... make me change my life around so i could be by her side & be there if she needed me. i gave up my old ways cause she gave me the opportunity to do better. i don lost friendships cause of this career so anyone that tries to stop me from what i'm doing i look it as you trying to stop me from giving my daughter what she deserves & i'll do it all just to let my daughter know that no one can stop her or us from what god had planned for us. oh well f**k em dog we gon see how hard hard they ride 😂😂 my everything @savannahtphan #jimmygirl #myeverything #puttheshoesoniftheyfit #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra

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New @kendrascott earrings from the spring collection that launched today and choker from @meredith.burroughs ! i have only been home for 5 days total in the new year because i’ve been in the hospital and my sister bought me these as a surprise to cheer me up! how lucky am i?! #bestsisterever #kendrascott #kendrascottspring2018 #lovemysister #soblessed #familyfirst #everythingelseextra

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20 hour trip heading right back to the $$$ but remember don't love money, just love making it... #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #teamdoneright #doneright #unicorndiamonds #thestreetsjeweler #findacloud

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No sleep flew in at 8:30am from nyc headed straight to the kids school and volunteered for their thanksgiving feast as i do every year. walked in and did my thang as i always do with a big smile on my face. i ain't showing off i'm just letting y'all know ain't no excuses when it comes to your children. what we decide to do on our own time can't effect when it comes their time cause we brought them in this world, our time is theirs. i don't just make good money and put it up for my kids i give them my time every time they need and every time i can. my goal is to retire early and be a full time dad and annoy the c**p out of them forever!!! only dad there at every event and i'm happy as f**k doing it. save your excuses and just do it if sleeping more important then sleep forever. #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #finelyshreddingchickenwith120kwatchon #callmeshredder #nevernotworking #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #realdad #nobabysitter #doneright #listentothemomslaughingatme 😂😂😂

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Give a person a fish and they'll eat for the day, teach them how to fish and they can eat forever... #myfuture #kingjayce #jimmyboijr #jimmyletspray #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra

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Always be your child's no. 1 supporter... a father is a sons 1st hero and a daughters 1st love don't ever forget that. no matter how bad or good of a day you had you put that s**t aside and give your children your undivided attention. s**t i ain't perfect i f**k up here and there but i learn from it and don't let it happen again. stop claiming to be a parent when you just a baby sitter. all the money don't mean s**t if you not there to prepare your children for the future and teach them how to survive. #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #l2h #live2hustle #teamdoneright #kingjayce #jimmyboijr #jimmyletspray

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After it's all said and done we started with nothing together... the risks i took didn't even seem like risks when it came to having to get it done for her. i'd go back and do it all over again without hesitation. soon she'll be set and i can focus on being the best father i can for my kids and she's to thank for it. i don't know how she came out from me and my environment but she did and i just want to do the same for my boys. i can't even explain my love and compassion for my daughter but i'm just glad she's grown to be so amazing and i just gotta be there to make sure she stays on the right track. i said 10 years ago we'll see if we was really working for our children's future and i'll say it again cause it ain't over yet. thank you lord for everything you've blessed me and my family with i will forever be grateful... i never wanted a daughter and you gave me the 1 woman that will never leave me 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #myeverything #princessvannah #savannahtphan #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra

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I aim for perfection even though there is no such thing... & i changed my future myself this ain't no luck b***h #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #beatmywork #dontbeatyourlips #l2h

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People wonder how i parent and honestly it's pretty simple... i'm doing for them what i felt should have been done for me when i was a child... f**k money and material things i'm talking bout being there for them, listening to them and giving them the chance to speak and express themselves and their imagination. letting them be their own person and freely being able to express themselves. glad we were able to take this trip cause it's about togo down... we needed this this trip to relax and get ourselves prepared as a family. this picture says 1000 words & soon you will understand... #legendary #myeverything #myfuture #kingjayce #princessvannah #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #blessed #lordwillin #l2h

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Better know i got their backs 👩‍👩‍👦
#familyfirst #everythingelseextra #betyoudidntknowihadsisters

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These 3 people didn't have to stick by me but they did... and for that long as i'm living they gon be good, s**t if i die they'll even be better hahaha #tbt #justmissingmyother2boys #oneday #myfuture #myeverything #pops #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #princessvannah #kingjayce #savannahtphan #jimmyletspray @savannahtphan

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If i died today whatever i've made or built would be the only thing she has to live for the rest of her life... she wasn't born fortunate, have a silver spoon in her mouth but best believe she ain't ever gotta worry bout bathing in cold water ever again. if it's lords will then there is a way... #myeverything #thegirlwhowillneverleaveme #princessvannah #savannahtphan #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra

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Witnessing history... if i spoke on half the things i'm doing right now i wouldn't even have anymore haters.. they would just jump on board shout out to one of my business partners @silkktheshocker securing our children's future #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #l2h #essencefestival2017 #essencefest

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