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Happy egg day!
this is where it all happens, this little piece of anatomy that can cause so many to feel pain, anguish, rejection, social imbalance, economic disadvantage, health implications...the list goes on.
education, awareness and conversation about m**********n will help the imbalance felt by many so join us in making periods positive!
thank you @unclippedadventure for your cute pic! 🔴

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They said, “why do you act like a girl” that day my response was because god made me this way! it would hurt so much to say that because i truly question god, “why me” but at that time, this the only answer i had that i hoped would allow them to get off my case! they would all laugh & talk & most times i would ignore them or pretend i didn’t hear them! words! gay, faggott, sissy, girl... words! ugh, those f*****g words! why do we allow words to hurt us, further more why do they hurt! i look back to my childhood & i’m ashamed that i allowed people & their f*****g words to hurt me, to not allow me to be happy, to hinder me from living in my true essence, to allow me to not show pride in the person i was! disgusted, confused & ashamed! i saw the light that brought me out of feeling sorry for myself & it must’ve been junior year in high school when i began to gain the confidence to fight back the words that people would say because i joined the hs cheerleader squad at 99 percent african american high school filled with n****s who i called my friends who would support me when i seen them, but point & laugh behind my back! saying those words that hurt so much! thank you all for giving me strength & tenacity! i was okay no matter how much it hurt or how long i would cry, i never wanted to take my life because i knew one day i would be able to tell my story, that would allow someone to keep from taking theirs! listen, if you are a child that is hurting & feel like you can’t take it no more, know that it gets better & the pressure you feel of wanting to condemn your light at the satisfaction of others is almost over! one day you’ll gain the confidence to truly live a life of happiness! those same people would have the hateful words but you’ll have a life you can live happily & be able to tell your story that will help someone else to get through! you’ll learn that they’ll never truly understand & you will stop trying to make them! that’s when you know, you’re going to be alright ! i truly am enjoying reading all these stories! they all sound so familiar! i’m happy you all made it through #ripnigelshelby i’m so sorry #tellyourstory #equalrights #letsnotgiveintosuicide

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Pretty much🤷🏻‍♀️

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“when women support each other, incredible things happen” ~saydi🥀

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Don't touch us unless we want you to. it's really that simple.

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