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featured entrepreneur ➡ daniel ally
short bio ➡ daniel builds businesses, brands and bank accounts. while attending college, he dropped out of his mba program to start his business.
as a founder of the "ally way" he has reached over 100 million people in every continent. he has helped countless businesses blossom and dominate within their industries.
he is also known for his speaking abilities. his speech covers a wide array of topics such as entrepreneurship, personal development, and wealth creation. he is also an author of three books and various online courses.
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Which one do you have to develop? 🤔
the reason why people stop growing is because they think they're "good enough". there is no such thing. 🚫
always room for improvement! be humble and keep getting better! 🙌
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The main reason you aren’t achieving your goals is because you are not the “person” yet who is capable of achieving that goal. first, you have to become fit for service. you need to become a new and improved version of yourself that would be capable of achieving that goal. by any means, make learning and improving yourself a priority in life. you won’t be disappointed. 💪
the naysayers, always believe in yourself 💪
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"start writing, no matter what. the water does not flow until the faucet is turned on." -louis l’amour

one of the first things i suggest to people for almost any struggle is journaling. it is truly one of the most powerful tools i've ever found.

clearing your mind is a necessity if you ever want to find clarity, and clearing your mind regularly is a must if you want to keep that clarity.

the funny thing is, for those who have taken my advice to heart, jounralkng has changed their lives..i can honestly say it has changed mine.

do it.

write everyday.

don't worry about how it sounds or looks, just let it flow.

if you find yourself lost, confused, or frustrated... grab a notebook and just start writing, eventually you're going to uncover something that will shine light on why you're experiencing the feelings you are.

you can then use that insight to help you look it in the face and move forward. you can see what you need to shift, where to make adjustments, and ultimately how to change your reality without dwelling on things or allowing them to control you for too long.

journaling can give you the mental space and understanding to be able to do just that.

that's what it's done for me.

so when you're not sure what to do or where to turn... write. just write until sometime flows.❤

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My plan “b” is just another way to make my plan “a” work.

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