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the support for @selfmadebookuk is amazing!!
thank you all so so so so much.
this friday is a huge event for self made (check out their account for more) so your support means more than ever.
entrepreneurial spirit isn’t prejudice by age, gender, race, background... i just wish i had it when i was his age!!

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Repost @humansofny “you can’t just use beyoncé to sell products in nigeria. well, maybe beyoncé is a bad example. beyoncé can sell anywhere. but most of the time you need to adapt your advertising to local tastes. so i help international companies create marketing campaigns for nigeria. a few years ago i started my own company. i’d gotten tired of working for someone else. i was doing all the work on some projects, and i’d only walk away with peanuts. so i took the leap. my goal was to win a single bid that first year. i just needed one big name to risk a little money on me. because a little money to them was a lot of money to me. i knew i had the technical experience. i had the ‘know how.’ i just didn’t have an office, or a staff, or a big name. but that became my pitch. i argued that bigger agencies take their clients for granted. i told companies: ‘i’m not relaxed like that. i’m hungry. i’m going to give you more juice.’ my first client ended up being coca cola. maybe i didn’t have things quite as figured out as i allowed them to believe. but hey, that’s advertising. and i delivered.” (lagos, nigeria)

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You can still invest by sending through western union.. for does that dont have a bitcoin... there is a way to make this trade possible... dm me if you are interested in making money in trading binary options —————-
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Need help with complaints or negative comments? check our instagram story for some tips! #dearbetsy

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A remedy for rainy day blues — this personal branding book and a handful of coloring pencils.
for those of you patiently waiting for your copy of #coloryourcalling , thank you for your understanding! your overwhelming support led me to revisit a few pieces and should be out for you shortly.
for those of you who have no clue what i’m talking about, i created a guidebook which invites you to awaken your childlike wonder and color your way to unlock your calling. the guidebook has over a dozen coloring exercises and written prompts to subtly channel your creative energy and unlock your path.
this new york rainy day is inspiring me to get the first draft ready and bring a bit of color to you all! it will be wonderful to receive real-time feedback and see this out in the world. interested? if so, send me a dm!

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Everything is like a muscle. and you have the power to grow it.⠀

“marta, you really are a good writer”.⠀

lol. i am not even a native speaker of english.⠀

and i am still learning. i don’t consider myself a good writer however i really enjoy connecting with people via writing. as long as you stay connected, the rest flows.⠀

also, it’s practise…i have written lots of books, articles, emails, copy. i write something every day. ⠀

i have invested a lot of money in online courses & education followed by relentless practise and repetition (based on smart sacrifice that most people try to avoid and it prevents them from success).⠀

always learning, forever grateful, right?⠀

writing, communication, copywriting, and marketing…this is what i am always diving into to grow all those muscles. ⠀

same with motivation, productivity and no bs-ivity.⠀
work on your muscles. ⠀

whether it’s some skills, fitness, marketing (i am referring to psychology here, which is what it’s all about, online, offline, underline and overline) …writing…confidence.⠀

it’s all a muscle.⠀

what muscle are you working on right now?⠀

follow marta⠀


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Want to #savemoney? get your money organized with the best money tips!
sign up for my free #newsletters and get organized!
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I can’t tell you how many videos i have like this🤦‍♀️, but alex is always a good sport for my camera being in his face. 🤓
grateful to have such a supportive partner in everything i do (even the annoying stuff). i’m sure nestingdoll wouldn’t be able to be what it is today without his constant encouragement & support.

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Let's kick off #innov865's startup day! always good to hear what other folks in the technology field are up to in our great city.

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“if you build it they will come”

a snippet from our first podcast with gary rathbone, a sports media rights expert

like, subscribe & share, link is in 😀

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As an entrepreneur, moving your business is tough. you never know what’s waiting for you behind the next 🚪.for example, every time i think that i’ve been able to complete one set of paperwork, another set appears. there is quite a lot of 📝 when it comes to registration, change of address, and tax filing among many other items. the list seems endless.
as difficult as this move is, it's made easier by the fact that there are so many resources online. i think of artisans and other social entrepreneurs overseas who face sometimes insurmountable hurdles when they relocate. the world bank's doing business report sheds a great deal of light on how hard this process is in other countries. for artisans in countries like bangladesh and myanmar, it can seem nearly impossible to start and run a successful business. this reminds me of my "why" and gives me more motivation to continue moving forward.
have you ever moved your business location? what was the process like for you?

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@garyvee did not just say that in front of the parents 😱 do you agree with him tho? ✅ follow @locate852 for more

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This is the yummy meal my girls made and packed for me as i headed to the airport #entrepreneurlife #homeschoolmom #momentumaccountability thank you!!!

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