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Have you ever realised that pretty much every single entrepreneur skill that is necessary in building a business, in running a business, is all learnable and trainable and talent doesn't pretty much play any role in that equation? ⁣

think about it, in entrepreneurship, what do you need? ⁣

you need to learn how to sell, manage people, train people, motivate people or to market. ⁣

all these different skills, whether it’s sales, whether it is going out there, doing the work, building the website, marketing your product or generating traffic, understanding facebook, copywriting speaking in front of audiences and running seminars… are learnable and trainable skills. ⁣

what puzzles me most is when people say, “i don’t know how.” ⁣

and the only thing they have in common is that they own a smartphone and they spend half of their free time scrolling on facebook and instagram.⁣

google, my friend.⁣

we live in the digital era where we can find most of the answers online.⁣

you can also choose to attend seminars to learn these different skill set - if you want to learn them fast.⁣

at the end of the day, all skills in entrepreneurship are learnable and trainable skills. ⁣

and it is up to you to focus on what you wanna be good at. ⁣

choose to focus on, your time, dedication and learning. ⁣

that is something that’s 100% in your control. ⁣

choose wisely.⁣

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