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This was one of the most emotional weddings i have had the privilege of being a part of.

there was something so real and raw about wes & rachel’s wedding day and their love for each other.

i’m just gonna leave this little trailer here. i can’t wait to share the full wedding with all of you.


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About yesterday..

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Sometimes things happen for a reason. and sometimes things will just fall into place. you’ll never know unless you put yourself out there, be the best you you can be and believe that great and amazing things are in this world. i’m gonna wrap this up with the best quote from got “everything led you to where you are now. home.”

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One of the most beautiful and unique moments in our lives 🥰❤️💍 100% yes and i’m so blessed to have a man like you by my side ❤️😌
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6 months down, 6 months to go. can’t believe how fast time is flying, but i’m loving every second of it! •

if you asked me how i envisioned our proposal before it happened- i’d have makeup on, my hair would be down, i’d still probably be sweating, but maybe less mud involved... i think sometimes we have this “picture perfect” vision of how something should look, when in reality, life is ready to give you something better. •

any other couples feel like they just got engaged? where does the time go?! 💍

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I remember 12-13 years ago when i helped you move although we were best friends & i was in the friend zone ... i told you we would get married one day...but of course we were soooo young & you knowww ....lol. fast forward to february 7th one of the happiest & best days of my life, words can’t describe the feeling of asking you to marry me it was so great, a feeling of joy i have never felt before. @iknowleee i love you. thanks everyone for helping me out with this wonderful surprise & me bugging and getting on everyone’s nerves 😂.
🎥 @henrodagreat with the visuals he is so clutch #proposals #engagementvideo thanks to @macaronbypatisse

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Your life’s my lifes best part @raym0831 ✨ we received this incredible sneak peek of our engagement shoot last night, and we couldn’t be happier! can’t wait for the final product!! 🎥: @lolightfilms

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