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If you no longer recognize me, i'm making progress. #changeordie #elevateyourself #knowthyself #levelup

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🚁 photo by @ssnnas
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three of swords
nine of wands
ten of pentacles .

wednesday cosmic love....and to pull a fav dlp quote out of my mental deck....
‘examine what you tolerate’ .

it’s grand advice for any day, but with the wacko planetary disco going on right now .... a lot of our personal discontent could very well be surfacing, and instead of the normal route of pointing fingers toward the shimmering (or glaring) result maybe it’s time to turn our pointers inward and at the crux of creation. .

playing nice perpetuates irresponsibility (also dlp).
a lot of times we allow bad, or inconsistent, or inconsiderate, or whatever, behavior in ourselves and/or in others to just get the wheels moving...or to get our immediate needs met...out of love...out of fear...out of respect...out of exhaustion...a call for cooperation...or just out of a long held route & routine .

we all do it in some form or fashion, yet, when the bad behavior turns tail and bites us, well, we forget that we were the ones that gave it enough head way to do so
we really do teach people how to treat us through both our action and our inaction .

with interpersonal relations (and with customer service) the small red flags or in the big postulating cosmic smack downs of other people’s opinions, if we feel something is wrong, or inauthentic, or could be shifted....say something. don’t hold it as your truth, or ‘just the way it is’ .

kindness goes a long way here, but, remember that kindness starts from within and it’s really the catalyst for the deep self respect that elevates everything .

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Warning: side effects of spiritual alignment and getting on that soul hustle high vibe flow may include...
🌟 emotional and physical healing •••
🌟 inspiring others •••
🌟 sending out that bomb a*s energy •••
🌟 opening of your throat chakra •••
🌟 attracting abundance in all areas •••
🌟 alignment with purpose •••
🌟 authentic living •••
🌟 opening up to receive •••
🌟 activation of your deeper inner light •••
🌟 becoming dope af •••••••••
#soulwork #soulhustle #align #dopeaf #bohobabe #thatbeachlife #divinesource #vibratehigher #elevateyourself #raiseyourvibration #hippified #bohosoul #beachsoul #quartzsand #healingarts #holistichealing #loveyourselfie #lightworker #higherconsciousness

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#tb castle de miramare, trieste. a landmark and piece of the puzzle in a long line of stories and heritage 👑❤️😍 •

#queenmode #selfdiscovery #elevateyourself #travel #liveyourbestlife

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#tb to trieste. can’t believe that was already 2 months ago. time passes by so fast these days and living in the moment is a must. the thing that connects me to those moment is a feeling. i look at this image and smile because i remember how much fun my mum and i had walk about this particular day! as often as i can, i want to be able to be able to smile from the feeling of each moment, present or passed.
i’ve worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get to this point and i’m going to enjoy life in its entirety. •

#queenmode #elevateyourself #selflove #moments #mindfulness #personalgrowth

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Day6 - ✔
blessed to see another day.🙌🏽 #thankyougod #elevateyourself #workoutdone

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Believe that anything and everything is possible, and it will be. don't ever lose your childlike wonder, your enthusiasm, your excitement, your curiosity, your playfulness, your joy and zest for life. see life through rose coloured glasses, see the glass half full. life is a mysterious, exciting adventure.
don't be an observer, be a participant, be a dreamer, a doer, create magic, rainbows, stardust, memories, relationships, a life you absolutely adore. embrace it. believe that anything and everything is possible and it will be. ✨#dreamsdocometrue #dreamer#romantic#creator #lifeseternaloptimist #optimist
#wildheart#enthusiast #carefree#free#joyful#stardust #wonder#playful#childlike #inspiring#personalgrowthfacilitator #inspirationaljunkie#elevateyourself

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#elevateyourself to the 🔝 #thisismenotyou #wednesdaywisdom #liftselfie #womenthing 😆 you can only judge yourself to be a better person!!👍🏽

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A few days back i was on a coaching call with a private client and she said ‘do you know i am finding it harder to smoke these days? i don’t know if it is the exercise or the lifestyle change but i barely feel the urge to light a cigarette’ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
my response: it is everything but most importantly i reminded her that she was the one achieving this great feat on her own and she has so much power and strength in her. i am only guide but each one of us is powerful beyond measure, we just need someone to help us see it.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
there is a sense of power (taking back your power and control) that comes when we start taking responsibility for our nutrition and health overall. once you start making conscious wise choices about what is going into your body, it flows even to your money. your sense of self worth increases and you treat yourself better. for a good reason, god has blessed me with very private clients whose stories i cannot share in detail not even pictures but i can relate, my own weight loss journey was so private. i had so much going on & had stopped posting pictures of myself for a long while and until i felt comfortable to own my story and body i did not share a picture. so for my private clients, i will continue to support them, guide them and cheer them on and let them own their story when the time is right for them even if it takes lots of baby steps to get there.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
registration is now on for my group program and if you ve been following us for a while now, you will know our group programs come like christmas😉. if you are looking for a private safe space where you will be seen, heard & loved, you are welcome to sit with us. send us a message right away to sign up. you can also call, text or chat with us via whatsapp. link in bio.

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Enjoy luv , 🍯 #dabs #waxpen #elevateyourself

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I’ve been feeling down lately...in a funk that i can’t quite get out of. for weeks i’ve been telling myself i’m going to wake up early and meditate and do a few yoga stretches but i simply can’t fight the snooze...i’m always running late. there’s never enough time for anything and yet i’m not in school at the moment so i actually have all of this extra time that i just do nothing with. i’m in such a great place in my life and yet i can’t seem to enjoy it fully, it’s never enough. i think back at when i felt my best and realized it’s time to make a change. i need to love myself and take care of my body, i need to smile more often and make the most of my days. the start is always the toughest part for me, but tomorrow is a new day and i’m not going to snooze. #beproductive #loveyourself #smilemoreoften #behappy #eatgoodfood #elevateyourself #beconfident #workhard #playhard #wakethefuckup

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Returning to aspen tomorrow to do some backpacking #byecivilization #elevateyourself

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