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“i love coffee and tiny homes and preferably both at once. my soul mates at @dunkin created a tiny home that is powered by fuel made from 80,000 lbs of spent coffee grinds. this 275 sq ft home is 100% nicer than my first apt in nyc, which did not run on any cool innovative sustainable fuel. i drank approx 16 cups of coffee today so i, much like this house, am lit up and ready to party. #dunkinathome #dunkinpartner” #regram @oliviawilde

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Come see the house that runs on dunkin’ in @madsqparknyc ! this tiny home is completely powered by a coffee biofuel made from recycled dunkin’ coffee grinds. we’re open to the public all day.
free coffee, free tours, good people, and directly beside the original @shakeshack .
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Dunkin at my *tiny* home 🏡 the cutest lil house has popped up in @madsqparknyc powered by @dunkin ☕️ (no really, it runs on coffee grounds) make sure you stop by starting tomorrow to check it out & try some dunkin at home coffee ☀️ oh & @oliviawilde killed it with the interior design game🍴 #dunkinathome #sponsored

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You have to see this! @dunkin created the world’s first tiny home that runs entirely on used coffee grinds...
if you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know i’m all about making it simple to live a happy, healthy life. these guys nailed it and i’m so psyched to announce my new partnership with them!
and... if you’re in nyc, come check this place out 8a-6p this thursday - saturday! i may just pour you a cup of cold brew! 😁 #dunkinathome #coffee #happiness

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#ad just like me this 🏠 runs on @dunkin . i grew up drinking @dunkin ☕️, my favorite go to! #dunkinathome

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Good morning 🌈🌈 tick tock, the clocks have changed. well, almost all of the clocks (!!!) did you know that arizona doesn’t do #daylightssaving ✌🏻how funny is that?! az is all, “yeah, i think we’ll pass on that” 😂😆 but for my friends that need a little extra fuel with the time change, as a #dunkinathome partner i’ve got just the thing for your tired eyes 💤 dunkin’ at home blends are the mvp when it comes to convenience // click the link in my bio for a limited time offer for dd e-cards ++ prizes when buying coffee in the grocery store‼️ brew yourself a cup && get ready for the week ahead 🗂📚how are you currently spending your morning? ☺️🕰💗 || #butfirst #coffeetime #sundaymorning #millennialmiss

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Spring cleaning has officially begun and thanks to dunkin’ donuts® cold brew coffee packs i’m able to get more done at home!! love the convenience and easy 1,2,3 steps to flavorful coffee at home! get your coffee to help you tackle your spring cleaning projects at the link in my bio!👆🏼🧡 #dunkinathome #ad

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Did you know the #dunkintinyhouse is now available on @airbnb? book your stay by following the #linkinbio

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This @dunkin #tinyhouse has a king size 🛌 a washer/dryer, a full size bathroom with jacuzzi, a kitchen, a living area, a cedar porch...interior decor by that hot to trot 💃 💋 @oliviawilde and the whole thing is fueled by...coffee ☕️ i never ever seen, or heard of such a thing till now. you gotsta go investigate this shiz.
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