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All tucked in for another cold week ahead. this year marks our coldest winter on the farm yet. in other years, our nearly subtropical climate has allowed us to plant much of our spring flowers in fall to easily be overwintered for a more successful spring harvest. our spring generally ramps up to hot temps quickly so planting some things early allows us to actually be able to grow some of those early bloomers. in the past, we have been able to leave dahlias + tuberose in the ground w/out much damage. we've been able to successfully grow ranunculus + anemones with little care (until the last freezes come in). we're able to set snapdragons and direct seed many others in the field w/out covering. well, this year has really changed our all of that. having low temps and frozen ground for multiple days on end over the last few weeks has had us rethink what we considered to be truly hardy. on friday, we discovered that most of our tuberose crop had frozen through causing a complete crop loss. because we had a very late first frost, i still had the plants in the ground curing a bit before we dug... we have always dug them in january in the past so they weren't really even on my radar. on friday we also worked our way through our ranunculus to cut off the dead leaves that had just gotten too cold, hit by the freeze and had began to rot. we cleaned them up to prevent fungus from spreading and hope they make a good recovery. as far as the seedlings in the field, it appears that strawflower is our most vulnerable cold hardy annual that we had set out. within a few days in the teens (even with row cover on), those plants froze and will need to be replanted. freeze damage has a way of developing over multiple days following a big cold spell. some plants can look completely normal after thawing only to discover days later that they are dead. last week's freeze is still developing and now we get to add this cold cold week on top of it. but hey, bright side: i'm so glad it's not 80 degrees out for the next month only to get slammed by late freezes later in he season. i'm happy to see this cold keeping all our fruit trees nice and dormant. we'll make it through just fine !

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2018 has me feeling both incredibly snowed under as a business owner, and more on top of everything than i've ever been, all at once. it has me reconsidering the direction of our business, and working to realign myself with what it is that i set out to do in the very beginning. it has me questioning my ability as an introvert to do even something simple like have coffee with a potential client. it has me shaken. it also has me feeling strong. it has me understanding deeply that as the captain of this little ship if i feel like i've drifted off course i have within me all of the power i will ever need to set the sails in the direction i want to go. i have the ability to steer hard in the right direction for myself. and that that's life too, right? we get to chart our own course. and if we drift, we have the power to pull ourselves back in the directions we dreamed of in the beginning. lots of big changes on the horizon here at our little farm, and i'm feeling all the feels about them. i'm not gunna lie, sometimes i walk around this farm muttering out loud to myself 'you've got this' just because i need someone to tell me i do. today i ordered all of my print materials for the upcoming season. order forms. care tags. business cards. stickers. psa to all you farmers/creatives out there: doing this in february, before the sh*t hits the fan, it makes you feel like you have your entire life together. it's adulting at its finest. do it! . tonight i attend a business meet-and-greet and was welcomed into our local @qwchamber chamber of commerce as a member. i'm feeling so inspired to be growing a business right here in the quinte area, amongst such incredible business leaders. i'm grateful for the support available for small businesses. i'm feeling like the best is yet to come. and i'm hoping that as i get older i'll remain this excited. that i'll always feel like the best is yet to come. 2018 is going to be incredible! what makes you feel like you have your life together? for me it's ordering business cards in february. not panicking in may when i realize i have none. what does it for you? . ps: i'm in love with amaryllis. #smallbusinesslife #dowhatyoulove

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Our second succession of ranunculus are sprouted up and ready to go in the ground soon, moved them outside today to harden up ... can’t wait til may when we are swimming in blooms. we never have enough, but we’ve tripled quantities this year so fingers crossed! ps 65 today whatttt?!🤭 #springinfebruary #ranunculus #italianranunculus #phillycountryside #pinkpalette #growyourown #weddingflowers #stilllifegallery #devonpa #mainlinepa #waynepa

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Snow day !! we walked the farm and hiked around our woods this morning. this is only the second time we've had snow since living at the farm. during the first snow storm, steve was away. i got up that morning, excited about the snow, during breakfast i flipped on ig and suddenly saw pictures of collapse high tunnels posted by local farmers. i had no idea our tunnels (4 at the time) were not built for snow load. i jumped out of bed and while still in my pajamas, i started frantically removing the snow the best i knew how which was to stand inside the tunnel and b**g the roof with a push broom. my arms were exhausted. the snow kept coming. roads were closed so i couldn't ask for help. i had to clear each tunnel about 4 times by the time it was over. i remember i was dragging myself in that evening only to find a guinea that had slipped on our adirondack chair and was basically frozen in a horizontal position with its legs stuck. i grabbed the bird. she couldn't walk. i figured her legs were broken. i grabbed the axe prepared to mercy k**l my first guinea. i ended up wimping out and decided i'd put her in a dog crate for the night in our warm mud room. next morning, sun was out, snow was melting fast, and the bird seemed fine! steve was on his way home. he had been at a silent meditation retreat for 10 days only 5 hours south where it was warm and sunny. he had no idea any of this was going on. he drove home that day and by the time he got to the farm all the snow had melted, the power was back on, the bird was fine. he just kinda looked at me like i was crazy when i told him all that happened just one day before. so today, to celebrate having just the right amount of snow that we don't have to remove + to celebrate our first snow here together i'm about to make some pancakes and bacon and drink extra caffeine cause...snow day !!

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I saw my first daffodil today and harvested this bundle of anemones. the flowers are barely starting to trickle in yet i've got butterflies nel mio stomaco. i'm beyond excited for spring but equally terrified at the thought of winter coming to an end. still so many projects to catch up on, friends to visit, and naps needing to be taken. but then, there's all the beauty that comes with winters end. it's hard not to be excited about spring. gah, i love this time of year 💫

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It all starts with only a few. soon our arms should be (we never count our flowers before they bloom) loaded with ranunculus but until then we will cherish the very first ones. warmer weather for the next couple of weeks will get these babies pumping...hopefully just in time for valentine's day. (update: we didn't cherish them, we sold them. ha)

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A little pop of beauty for you to get the day started. this is one of our first italian ranunculus to bloom. so far, soooo good !

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We reskinned and cleaned up our propagation house yesterday. full blown seed sowing season begins. this time of year we begin sowing 1000's of starts for our annual plant sale + farm tour. we will grow out a huge selection of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and flowers for the event. it's wild to see how many plants we can push out of this relatively small space. i'm going to try to be better about showing y'all the process. from seed to sale. it's pretty sweet to watch a pack of seeds grow into a healthy plant that will then provide pleasure for someone else. i want y'all to experience that too. >>>farm day<<< march 31st 10-2pm #farmday #sustainablefarmtour #plantsale

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New shoots. new beginnings. lots of exciting things happening in 2018 for our certified organic flower farm. hope to share with you soon . #byronbayorganicflowers #certifiedorganicflowers #grownnotflown✈️ #dsflowers #sustainablelocalflowers #byronbayflowerschool

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This is a dress i made for my senior collection in college. it took me a whole month to make all the rosettes for it! i guess flowers were always my thing 🌺🌸🌷 . . . . #couturedress #couturier #pursuepretty #prettyinpink🎀 #floraldress #dsfloral #dspink #allthingsgirly #allthingspink #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #theeverygirl #glitterguide #fashiondesign #couturefashion #prettyart #creativespirit #creativefashion #pastels #liketolike #liketoknowit #prettylittlething #pictureperfect #dsflowers #flowerlover #flowerlove

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Ranunculus and poppies in a real battle. i’m calling it a tie.

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This is the lovely zinnia, she comes in many varieties and colours but this one is my all time fav 💖🌸

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"take time to smell the roses. appreciating the little things in life really can make all the difference." andy puddicombe ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 32/ #365 #draweveryday #abstract #roses with #watercolors in seawhite #watercolour #sketchbook. i love this sketchbook, the paper is super thick and can hold lots of washes.

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We had the privilege to be a part of this fun shoot on the coast! check it out on @100_layercake! // planning- @whitewoodevents, floral- @watershedfloral, photography- @jaimeecmorse, dress- @lulus, calligraphy- @lairseypaperco, paper- @aaronbehnkcreations, paper art- @brittvasina, @thesussy

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We are looking for an experienced florist (minimum 3 days a week) to join our small but thriving team at the flower appreciation society. please see the link in our bio for the detailed job description and send applications to ellie@theflowerappreciationsociety.co.uk. all applications must be in by the 1st march. we look forward to hearing from you! ellie and anna

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There is beauty in this world. . . #sweetpeas #flowers #floral #flora #lavender #fineartphotography #botanical #fleurs #blossoms #spring #lovely #flashesofdelight #dsflowers #thatsdarling #beauty #flowerphotography. . . . © 2018 susan k. murie all rights reserved

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...qui si intrecciano meraviglie @poisdesenteur21 ...s'entrelacent des merveilles ici @poisdesenteur21 #quisiintreccianomeraviglie#wreath#couronnes#ghirlande#stage#floralstories #dsflowers#littlestoriesofmylife #ilmiostage#mylife#iloveflowers

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#happyfriday it’s grey and cold outside, but it looks like #spring inside my house! so many cherry blossoms are sprinkled all over my house right now. i’m trying to use every bit of space to hang and arrange all the various #cherryblossom #arrangement it’s making my house look so warm and inviting right now! but on the flip side - lots of paper scraps and wires are everywhere too 😜 this luscious crepe paper is from @cartefinicrepepaper i love their wide range of colors that they carry in their shop plus they ship super fast too! . . . #pinkandposey #dspink #springiscoming #springflowers #dsflowers #blooooms #handmade #theeverygirl #imsomartha #designmilk #dsfloral #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #floralfix #fridayfavorites #seattlemet #seattleartist #seattlebridemag #425magazine #igers_seattle #madetocreate

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Coming soon ❤️🌸

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One of today’s deliveries.

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Dried flower wreath 🤘🏼 ~ #obsessedwithflowers

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