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Ocean love
#ocean #salmon #love with out the ocean, we wouldn’t be what we are today.
as the current hypothesis for the beginning of life is 3.8 billion years in undersea alkaline vents. life has evolved from single celled creatures from that time to the multicellular creatures that we are today.

the ocean works hard for us. governing the weather and producing fresh water, housing a large portion of our food and converting a lot of co2 to oxygen.
for this we need to show our oceans some love back. we are all a part of this big blue world the smallest things can help to reduce its destruction.

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Ancora impresse nella mente le giornate vissute in sardegna con @buenaondasurf
tornare in sardegna per realizzare un video con @luigichiurchi è stato davvero un’esperienza inedita e che ci ha messo alla prova. a breve il video 📼🤙❤️
the days lived in sardinia with @buenaondasurf are still in my mind
returning to sardinia to make a video with @luigichiurchi was really a new experience that put us to the test. soon the video 📼🤙❤️

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Last one from the seychelles for now. will post some photos of my just released new series later the day, so make sure to watch out for some glowing orange colors.

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This is where the road was going

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Morning lights at one of the most amazing coastlines i’ve ever visited 💎

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It's funny how when lou and i were little kids our families actually vacationed at the same place even though it was a 13 hour drive from his home and a 9 hour drive from mine. we will forever associate the outerbanks with joyful long days at the beach, playing in the waves, being silly with our siblings, and enjoying the feeling of total freedom that comes with no homework. but what i didn’t realize is that i think it also instilled in us the benefits that come with driving a long way to get to your dream spot. the anticipation, the excitement, the boredom that then breaks when signs start pointing to your destination, the yummy snacks, and of course the delirium of hours on the road… and i think our journey to get to the island of elafonisos just solidified what we already believed, sometimes the places that are hardest to get to in the world are most worth the effort.
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The famous granite rocks of the seychelles.

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