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How cute 😍 by :@santuarioigualdad

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Não era teve produção pra foto, o sol ta forte na minha fuça, tô descabelada, com uma bola preta no ombro (sabe deus do que), o enquadramento tá um horror masssssss essa foi a primeira vez que eu entrei no mar do caribe... esse foi o meu primeiro mergulho nos 2.9 turbo! 💙🐠 melhor presente de aniversário que eu poderia ter me dado... #viajarévida #viveréviajar #explorar #desvendar #descobrir #sejogar #irsemmedo #vaidarcerto #obrigadasenhor #brasileirospelomundo #aroundtheworld #traveler #colombia #sanandres #sonho #dreamscometrue amigos, se eu posso aconselhar vocês em alguma coisa é: saiam da zona de conforto e se joguem nesse mundão maravilhoso que deus nos deu.

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Don't you agree??? 🤔

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Be yourself,no matter what they say. #dreamscometrue

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🔙Помню, как год назад я уволилась с работы и всю зиму просидела дома. Тогда даже не хотелось никуда выходить и я только и делала, что искала куда бы мне уехать. . 📝Как сейчас помню: на моё резюме было выслано приглашение на работу в Дубай, но как только все за и против превратились в чёткое за, я серьёзно заболела. Однозначно, это дало мне понять, что это не мой путь. Или просто не моё время. . ☝🏼Прошел год. Сейчас я здесь🌴 Как же так произошло, что ещё совсем недавно я сидела в холодном офисе, мечтая о тепле и солнце, а теперь загораю каждое утро, не задумываясь о том, какой сейчас день недели и который час, а вечером выхожу на балкон и где-то вдалеке вижу самое высокое здание в мире?🌃 . 😌Всё просто: исполнения желаний иногда нужно подождать. Когда придёт время, всё сложится само💫

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💪🏽💥 ferrigno legacy 💥💪🏽 this is it: show day ! after talking to all the judges after my last show i took in all the criticism, drew out plan it action and executed ! this is without any doubt my best and most complete package to date! even with a big last minute obstacle yesterday, a test of will power i’ve cut down my weight by an additional 6lbs, getting in the craziest conditions i’ve ever been and i’ve been able to fill out since last night 10pm by waking up every couple hours to get some food in. i’m now at peace, i’ve done all i possibly could and i’m very pleased with the final result! can’t wait to pump up and volumize all these carbs, this is going to be epic!! i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the crazy support i’ve received during this prep! i have the best people in the world in my corner you 👇🏽🙏🏽 we’ve made it! now let’s have some fun, show it off and bring some beautiful hulk hardware home! 💪🏽😄 #stanimalnation #nevergiveup #ferrignolegacy #dreamscometrue #neverfreakinggiveup #nowitsaparty #ifbbpro #classicphysique __________________________________________ 🚨save 10% off your @bodybuildingcom order with code: stan10 __________________________________________ 🆕 mon compte 🇫🇷 @stanimal.fr 🇫🇷 ig video only follow @stanimal.nation 🐾💥 follow me on 👻snapchat: @stanimal9 🐣twitter: @stanimal9 bodyspace: @stanimal9 facebook: stanimal 🎬youtube channel: stan imal

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The miss america ball exceeded my wildest dreams 💙👑#dreamscometrue #goals .........………. decorator: @idoballoonsnd floral: @erikawithakdesigns 📸: @deborahkates

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✨solorio storybook✨ #wedding #soloriostorybook #dreamscometrue

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I am so honored to announce that the new york public library chose forest of a thousand lanterns as one of their 2017 best books for teens! to celebrate, here are some photos i took of the nypl last september when my book deal was still a secret ☺️😎🏛 . thank you, ya librarians, for this great honor and for all you do for books and young readers! fotl is in such excellent company! link to the full list is in my bio 📚🤓❤️ . @penguinteen @philomelbooks @nypl #forestofathousandlanterns #fotl #newyorkpubliclibrary #youngadult #yalit #yafantasy #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #readersofinstagram #bookstagram #diversefantasy #dreamscometrue #librariesofinstagram #librarian

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A new start! 💖 a dream come true 💖 nasce il 20 novembre 2017 a terni, nella giornata internazionale dei diritti dell'infanzia e dell'adolescenza, l'associazione di promozione sociale comip, children of mentally ill parents, dedicata ai figli di genitori con un disturbo mentale. avanti tutta!!! #comip #copmi #childrenofmentallyillparents #figlidigenitoriconundisturbomentale #associazionedipromozionesociale #dreamscometrue #newstart

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It’s no secret i was lost when i first got sober. i’ve shared that a lot. i didn’t know who i was anymore. i’d lost the only person i knew for my entire adult life. it was fake but it’s all i knew. i was stressed out. i yelled too much. i didn't smile enough. i didn't laugh. i was so serious. i didn’t have any self worth or esteem left. i had too much guilt i hung onto. the other day after brodie’s nap i put on music in the kitchen. the older boys came out of their rooms shocked and asked what i was doing. then we danced. we laughed. we sang and played tag. she’s coming back... slowly she’s coming back.🙏 life doesn’t have to be so serious. so dreaded. so stressful. this girl who is enjoying life to the fullest again might not have ever come out. i’ve changed so much this year into a person i never imagined i’d be. this job 😍😍🙏 the requirement of this job is to become your best self. gaaahhhh how amazing is that??! it’s pulled me out of the depression i was in. it’s helped me realize i was in there the whole time, waiting to come out... waiting to help other people who are struggling like i was. it’s made me realize what’s important in life and that my friends is happiness. if you’re not happy, i recommend doing anything possible to find yours. it’s worth it 😘

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Cure for the monday blues... can you say "melt in your mouth marble mlik chocolate"... 😊 #justcameoutoftheoven #getthemwhiletheirhot🔥 #chocolateloversunite #tis2017 #peterjonesfoundation #dreamscometrue

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🦋🦋🦋this can be just one story! or pure story! but i'll tell you then keep in mind who tells you! 🦋🦋🦋#art #arte #artist #artista #painter #pintora #paint #painting #stronggirl #contemporaryart #popart #magazine #lifestyle #superwoman #girlpainter #dreamscometrue #galeries #mexicocity #miami #la #colombia #ny #alemartista #alemartist

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Realmente a felicidade mora ao lado. do meu ladinho o maior sonho que já tive, minha maior realização. sou extremamente grata a deus por ter minha filha.#amormaiordomumdo #amosermae #maecoruja #dreamscometrue #dreams #maternidadereal #maedemenina #maedeteen #teenagers #vidademae #instamaterno

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