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Galatians 6:7

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Always nice being able to put a summer outfit on for a evening meal on the beach! just loving the santorini experience and being with this lot makes it extra special. so grateful to be a part of this home business! β˜€οΈπŸπŸ’•
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Too many people get into business without a thought as to why people will want to buy from them. you need that competitive advantage or you are doomed to failure.

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Focus more on the solutions!
πŸ’₯ for daily motivation and business quotes...
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Generally location independent work or by default the digital nomad life is centred online in some way. that comes with connection requirements. namely a secure and reliable wifi connection. we all know this struggle can get very real! what i really love about @myskyroam ? you can literally work from anywhere! the challenge is how remote you want to go! loo at this! even the horseshoe bend in arizona, usa isn’t off limits! this device literally takes work life and what’s possible to new breathtaking heights! πŸ–€
. πŸ’¬ @myskyroam
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I have been out of university for about a year, but my education is far from over.
no... i am not pursuing a master's degree or anything.
my education is just never going to end.
i have actually made the decision to never go back to a formal school, and just spend the rest of my life in fierce pursuit of the wisdom and knowledge.
not that there is anything wrong with wanting to earn a higher degree... i just know with absolute certainty that it's not the right path for me.
i also realized, that i don't need to go to school to learn and grow, or to pursue knowledge in new subjects.
so if there is something that you are interested in learning about or trying.... just do it! don't wait for permission.
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"you were put on earth to do something great and if you don't do it now, that impulse will keep coming back again and again until you do it. there are people who incarnated on this earth in order to have their lives be touched by you and if you only knew the gifts that you had to bring to others and how many people that you've already touched who's lives will never be the same. you have no idea the difference you've already made on this planet and there are so many more. they're waiting patiently for you to get going, for you to play bigger" - debra halperin poneman.
don't compare your magic to mine or anyone else's. no happiness was ever born from wishing you had someone else's gifts, whilst ignoring your own. stop looking around and look within - you are magic, own that shit!!🌿
what are your gifts? are you playing small and is fear holding you back from playing big? let's have a chatπŸ‘‡

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Who says dreams don't come true? take action and soon you'll be living your fairytale! ✨ #unforgettablebysabah -
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What are you waiting for? take the leap and see what life has to offer! comment below something that you will do to push yourself today! πŸ‘‡πŸ½ #unforgettablebysabah -
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There is nothing more real than being the genuine person that you are. stop comparing yourself to those around you! #unforgettablebysabah -
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Galatians 6:7

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Earlier this week, dr. rodan and dr. fields were featured on msnbc’s “your business” and their popular podcast been there. built that. •
our impressive female founders are at the core of r+f and insprie the entreprenurial spirit in all of us.

now is the time to join!

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good morning my friends
i now live in my bikinis πŸ‘™
& make a home office where ever is most comfortable for me.
if you haven’t checked out @puravidaskoolie please do so.
——————————————— i’m actually headed off on a walk this morning to a local spot for some coffee, breakfast & internet β˜•οΈπŸ₯₯πŸ₯πŸ’»
i have fallen into the “pura vida” way of life & haven’t been stressing about getting content posted. but now that we have settled in a little more & have found a new “semi-permanent” spot, i’m ready to type my little heart out & share what our journey from colorado to costa rica was like.
stay tuned, the first one will be about mexico & the cops who are a bit sketchy & our first biggest mistake on the road 😳
* i am also recovering from my accidental sunburn// i fell asleep in the sand & got a little more sun than i’d like. i’m usually really good at applying the spf but i was kn0cked 0ut. πŸ’€

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This week we are re-reading one of our favorite books: essentialism by greg mckeown πŸ“– he poses a great question in the book: what is the highest contribution you can make through your work and are you pursuing it? πŸ’­ the enemy of your best work or best idea is often an ok option. what are you doing to contribute at your highest level?

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